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The Human Microbiome Project Was About Non-Diseased People, Not ‘Normal’ Ones

After reading this article by Gina Kolata and this post from the Knoepfler Blog, it seems there’s some confusion about how the Human Microbiome Project (‘HMP’) was designed to look at “normal” people. Having been involved in the project pretty … Continue reading

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Where Did the Term ‘Core Microbiome’ Come From?

In an excellent post about the vaginal microbiome (the microbes that in the vagina), Dr. Rad asks: I wonder if the idea of a ‘core microbiome’ came from Lourens Baas Becking’s oft-quoted idea in microbial ecology that ‘Everything is everywhere, … Continue reading

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A Handy Transformation for Microbiome Data

Handling non-normal frequency data that also have zeros.
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You Know the Human Microbiome Has Made It Big When…

…someone makes an animated cartoon about it.
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The Fifty Most Sequenced Bacterial Genomes

It’s (very) partially my fault.
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Finally, Someone Is Allocating Genomics Resources the Right Way

Someone must have learned something from the last few years of microbiome work…
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Microbiome Triumphalism and Misusing a Metaphor

The human microbiome isn’t an organ. We have evolved to dampen the effects of the microbiome’s inherent variability on our bodies.
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I, For One, Welcome Our Gammaproteobacterial Arsenic-Using Overlords: Why Old School Microbiology Still Matter

This paper demonstrates the need for culturing organisms. That’s something we should emphasize when we train students and post-docs.
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How to Take a Government-Approved Poop

Ain’t science cool?
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A Final Observation on the Human Microbiome Research Conference: An Underappreciated Breakthrough

Hundreds of dollars per genome, and hundreds of genomes per week.
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