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Links 12/31/13

Links for you. Science: Global Green Inc.’s Salmonella Vaccine Meets FDA Food Policy of Phasing Out Antibiotics on Farms 8 Species We Thought Were Extinct But Are Actually Still Alive The Snarky, Clever Comments Hidden in the “Acknowledgments” of Academic … Continue reading

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The Year’s Top Read Links

Although many of my hits come through the front page, here’s the top read links of 2013 (that I wrote in 2013): It Is Now Physically Impossible For An Adult to Fit on a Plane Want to Know What Privilege … Continue reading

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One Tweed Insider’s View of Educational Evaluation

I highly recommend this devastating indictment of New York City’s education ‘reform’ policies by an anonymous NYC Department of Education insider. Wonkiness is rarely so brutal. What I want to focus on is the section about evaluation, since reformers love … Continue reading

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Links 12/30/13

Links for you. Science: Re-Examining the FDA Antibiotics Decision: Banning Growth Promoters Won’t Be Enough International team completes systematic, genomic study of cervical cancer Diabetes risk gene ‘from Neanderthals’ Kiwi photographer captures extraordinary power of great white shark (FLYING SHARKS!!) … Continue reading

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A Year in Boston Dog Pictures

Or it is doges? Anyway, in putting together my annual year in Boston pictures (my pictures in case you’re wondering), I realized that dogs were a frequent subject. Without further delay, here’s some of my favorite Boston dog pictures. Laird … Continue reading

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Wages and Power

One of my first posts, back on the old blog, was about my estrangement from progressives circa 2006 because they neglected five key issues: What you’ll notice missing from this list are any proposals that would seriously alter the relationship … Continue reading

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Links 12/29/13

Links for you. Science: Narcolepsy confirmed as autoimmune disease: Results also partly explain why the 2009 swine flu virus, and a vaccine against it, led to spikes in the sleep disorder Boning up on grammar: Researchers teach border collie to … Continue reading

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Considering the Source: The Track Record Edition

My grandfather, who was in the news bidness, always used to say, “Consider the source.” That is, don’t take what someone says at face value until you know something about the record of the person saying it. So the next … Continue reading

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Academic Choice Theory Hits the NY Times

I’ve stolen the phrase “Academic Choice Theory” from Yves Smith who, in wonderful satire, describes it as (boldface mine): Soon after receiving tenure, it occurred to me that we were being profoundly inconsistent. While we had correctly criticized the previous … Continue reading

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Links 12/28/13

Links for you. Science: Progress in genomics according to bingo: 2013 edition Photo of the Day Doing the right thing: Yale psychology lab retracts monkey papers for inaccurate coding Why It’s Nearly Impossible to Castrate a Hippo Warning: A “Natural” … Continue reading

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