Links 12/29/13

Links for you. Science:

Narcolepsy confirmed as autoimmune disease: Results also partly explain why the 2009 swine flu virus, and a vaccine against it, led to spikes in the sleep disorder
Boning up on grammar: Researchers teach border collie to understand sentences using more than 1,000 words
Twin U.S. studies unlock mystery of how HIV causes AIDS
Mima Mounds Are Built By Generations Of Gophers, New Computer Model Suggests
Here’s What You Don’t Know About the Flu


What does a really efficient market look like?
Depression is a choice
Living Wage Ruling Gives Queens Casino Workers a Fighting Chance
The biggest thing centrists miss about the inequality debate
Phoenix Becomes First City To End Chronic Homelessness Among Veterans (we should do this with the homeless. All of them)
Watch this Link: Will Heritage Scrub Its Obamacare History?
Living in a rich society
Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia
Stories Add Up as Bully Image Trails Christie
Happy Boxing Day
Shut Out: How Community Organizing is Losing Young People
I fell off the left-right continuum today
An important little primer

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