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Trump Voters To Give Massive Tax Cut To ‘Coastal Elites’ They Despise

Never mind the kleptocracy, it’s just the same old conservative con (boldface mine): President Donald Trump is set to give America’s richest 1% an average annual tax cut of $214,000 when he takes office, while more than eight million families … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Proposes a Millionaire’s Tax

Over two years ago, when I lived in Massachusetts, I proposed a 10% income tax on every dollar over $780,000 (at the time, Massachusetts had a flat tax of 5.25%): With those assumptions, I find that overall income tax revenues … Continue reading

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The Privatization Scam Rolls On: The IRS Edition

File this under ‘those who forget history are condemned to repeat it’ (boldface mine): Tucked into a dusty corner of the Senate’s Highway Trust Fund bill — legislation that must pass before the fund runs dry on July 31 — … Continue reading

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One Way to Lower High Housing Prices

Two recent articles decry the stratospheric cost of housing in London. That’s not just a problem for London, but cities like New York and Miami, where high end properties are more an investment vehicle than a place to live. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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First They Came For the Porn Stars…

So there’s no way to write a post involving porn without oodles of double entredes, so let’s just agree to try to ignore them. But this story about the collision between the porn industry and the banking industry–at least the … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Is Doing Defense Spending Wrong

I’ve never liked massive defense spending. In the best case scenario, the stuff we purchase ends up never being used, and, in the worst case, Little Lord Pontchartrain decides to invade the wrong fucking country. As macroeconomic policy, it creates … Continue reading

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The Cost of the U.S. Healthcare ‘System’

If you don’t have healthcare insurance, obviously the most important healthcare issue is getting some. But, to channel my inner Reagan, many people have health insurance. What has always puzzled me is why healthcare reformers haven’t tried to sell significant … Continue reading

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