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How to Defeat the Axis of Authoritarianism

A couple of years ago, presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a foreign policy speech in which he decried what he called “the international authoritarian axis.” It’s good rhetoric, but the question is what would that foreign policy look like? … Continue reading

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The Tax Cut Bill Was Horrible

In a very good story about all of the problems in Il Trumpe’s and the Republicans’ (band name!) horrible tax bill, which is little more than a massive looting by companies, this section was noteworthy for a couple of reasons … Continue reading

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The Business Rent Is Too Damn High: The Bike Store Edition

I know I hit this theme a lot, but an underemphasized problem many booming cities are facing is skyrocketing business rents. If residents want affordable prices, along with more interesting options–and those interesting options often not the businesses that make … Continue reading

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I’m Not a Big Fan of Tax Easements, But If You’re Going to Use Them…

…this is the right way to do it (boldface mine): A decades-old District institution on Georgia Avenue NW looks like it’s slated for a 10-year tax abatement, after the black-owned bookstore lobbied for relief from the city. The D.C. Council … Continue reading

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You Can’t Have Gentrification Without a Gentry Class: The SALT Edition

Yes, not enough housing can bid up prices. But as we’ve been saying for years, you can’t have gentrification without a gentry class. In other words, housing prices, in part, are expensive because the gentry class is able to afford … Continue reading

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Trump’s Terrible Taxes

One of the reason I’ve wanted to get Il Trumpe’s taxes is that it has been blindingly obvious they will reveal some very bad things. I’m not referring to the very strong possibility that he’s not worth anywhere near what … Continue reading

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Republicans Shoot Themselves In The Foot Over Taxes. Again.

If we lived in a better world, Republicans would be driven out of office over putting kids in cages. Sadly, we do not live in such a world–it’s not as if anyone was punished for torture during the Iraq War. … Continue reading

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Bipartisanship Is Awesome! The Tax Filing Edition

I’m glad to see our political system can transcend partisanship to…make it harder and more expensive to file your taxes (boldface mine): Just in time for Tax Day, the for-profit tax preparation industry is about to realize one of its … Continue reading

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Even The Liberal New RepublicCenter For American Progress Wants Trump’s Taxes

If you ever want to know when you’re moving too slowly, it’s when you’ve radicalized the Center for American Progress (boldface mine): President Trump’s absurd claim that a four-page summary of the Russia investigation’s findings grants him “total exoneration,” and … Continue reading

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Still No Letter For Trump’s Taxes

I have no idea if Trump’s taxes would DESTROY! him, but seriously investigating him was part of the 2018 election pitch (boldface mine): There was supposed to be one genuinely easy victory for the new Democratic majority in the House. … Continue reading

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