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If Companies Won’t Pay Your For Your Data…

…then maybe we should make them. I’m getting ahead of myself here. With all of the hullabaloo about Mark Zuckerberg possibly running for president (though probably in the wrong party), it’s worth remembering just how creepy a company Facebook is … Continue reading

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Republicans Want You To Pay More State Taxes

That, or states will let people die. One thing to note about Medicaid is that it’s a very large part of state budgets. If the BRCA–the Senate replacement of the ACA (Obamacare)–were to pass, states will have to raise taxes … Continue reading

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What Tax Reform Should Do

And it’s not what most people would think. Between taxes being due today and Il Trumpe deciding to tackle tax reform*, there’s talk of tax reform: how we can change the tax code to do…something. But here’s the problem I … Continue reading

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Everything Is About The Budget Control Act

Or, Republicans are now getting screwed by the forced austerity they created. Every so often, I come across a piece arguing that Il Trumpe isn’t that different from Reagan. While I agree in many ways–is Betsy DeVos any more ridiculous … Continue reading

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Bannon, International Man Of…WTF?!?

We’ve discussed elite racist, presidential advisor, and possible tax fraud Steve Bannon before, but now he is under investigation for residency fraud, which is usually an attempt to claim residence in a low (or no-) tax state in order to … Continue reading

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D.C.: Extra Taxation Without Representation (On Free-Loading Non-Urban Areas)

One common conservative claim is that cities, full of those people, are leeches that take a lot of money from ‘real Americans’ to pay for all of their lazy poor people. While the claim appears ridiculous (among other things that … Continue reading

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Trump Declares War On Your 401(k) Retirement Money

I’ve never been a fan of the shift from defined benefit pensions to 401(k) plans: they’re nothing more than a way for brokers to charge excessive fees, and to give wealthy people a tax cut for something they were already … Continue reading

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