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A Glass Half-Empty on Attitudes on MMR Vaccination

A few days ago, YouGov released some polling data about people’s attitudes towards child vaccination requirements, asking specifically about ‘measles, mumps, and rubella’ (MMR), ‘infectious diseases’, and ‘COVID-19’. Here’s what they found:

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Some of Us Knew Anti-Vaxx Was Going to Be a Problem…

And nobody listened. A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted: Now that it’s finally starting to dawn on some of them that anti-vaccinationism is a real problem, they are suffering from ahistoricity. Listening to them, one would think … Continue reading

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Anti-Vaccinationism Isn’t New. At All (On the Ahistoricity of the Modern Pundit)

One of the darkly amusing phenomena of the pandemic has been watching Thinky Thought Leaders who’ve made a career out of knowing Econ101 and Stats101 and then broadcasting their HAWT TAEKS flounder around because they lack domain expertise and domain … Continue reading

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Inchoate Conspiracies

We really need to understand that the most individual conspiracies aren’t coherent on their own, but allow conspiracists to plug in their own ‘facts’ (boldface mine): Instead, conspiracy theories are most effectively spread by a scattershot approach of supposition, question-begging, … Continue reading

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The GOP Has Become a Death Cult: The Ohio Vaccination Edition

One point I’ve made over the years is, if you really want to know what Republicans think, look at state and local Republicans, not the national ones, who are usually more polished. From Ohio (boldface mine): Republicans in the state … Continue reading

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Vaccine Hesitancy Among the Politically Unaffiliated

Or perhaps it should be called ‘hesitancy.’ This, by Harry Enten, is going to sound depressingly familiar to anyone who has tried to get people to vote (boldface mine): A look at the data reveals that the vaccine hesitant group, … Continue reading

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Rethinking Our Vaccine Distribution System

I won’t pretend I got this right ahead of time, other than a sort of generic ‘recognize get vaccinated will be harder for some people than others’, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that, in the U.S., our distribution system for … Continue reading

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Friday, Friday, Gotta Get…

…VACCINATED on Friday. That’s all I got. I’m a little preoccupied, so I’ll leave you with this:

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Buttigieg, Vaccines, And The Typical New Democratic Response

Tuesday, when asked by Buzzfeed about Buttigieg’s stance on vaccination, his campaign responded with an answer that went over like a lead balloon (boldface mine): “The law of the land for more than a century has been that states may … Continue reading

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Something Genomics Does Need To Confront: Anti-Vaxxers

Last week, a Canadian arbitrator ruled in favor of a parent who wanted to prevent the vaccination of her kids (the father had gone to court to get the kids vaccinated). This from the article leapt out of me (boldface … Continue reading

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