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Flu Vaccination Helps

A lot (boldface mine): These high hospitalization rates equated with a substantial influenza burden of illness during the 2016–2017 season with an estimated 30.9 million people getting sick with influenza, 14.5 million going to a health care provider for influenza, … Continue reading

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If You Ever Wonder Why Doctors And Scientists Get Shouty About Vaccination

Here’s why (boldface mine): Ms. Rogers had been sick for five days. Because she used an inhaler, Dr. Greenberg offered her a prescription for Tamiflu, even though it normally is effective only within the first two days of infection. Ms. … Continue reading

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Anti-Vaccination Still Has A Right-Wing Bias

From a recent YouGov/Economist poll (pdf; p. 54), which asked if the statement “Vaccines have been shown to cause autism” is true or not, we note the following (from top to bottom, definitely, true, probably true, probably not true, definitely … Continue reading

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Jill Stein And Anti-Vaxxers

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has been quite the fly in the ointment the last couple of weeks, though that will probably recede as, unlike during the Democratic convention, there’s now no easy way for her to draw attention … Continue reading

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Do This

Flu season is starting, so protect other people from you–get your flu shot:

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Downplaying the Effects of Vaccine-Preventable Disease

It’s one of the more odious anti-vaccine tactics: arguing that diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, or diphtheria have minor health consequences. We learned last week that a man who was immunocompromised was killed by measles virus, which he likely … Continue reading

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Did Vaccination Just Become a Partisan Issue?

If California is any indication, the answer, tragically, is yes (boldface mine): …many states have since taken up legislation to make it harder for parents to skip vaccines. One such bill in California, SB 277, would remove the “personal belief … Continue reading

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