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A Modest Proposal Regarding The Genetic Inferiority Of Mississippian Whites

Like one of Rush Limbaugh’s pilonidal cysts, the race/IQ kerfuffle has flared up again. Ezra Klein has a good response, even if he is far too kind to intellectual fraud Charles Murray (and, yes, Murray is a fraud: the analysis … Continue reading

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Learning the SATs

A former, very-high priced SAT tutor notes the following about ‘beating the exam‘ (boldface mine): I’ve spent a decade tutoring the SAT. In that time, I’ve developed a reputation for efficacy. My students routinely improve their scores by more than … Continue reading

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The Puzzling Thing About Race and Achievement

In reading this Boston Globe piece about a discrimination lawsuit filed against Harvard by Asian-Americans who claim Asian-Americans with excellent records are less likely to be admitted to Harvard, it occurred to me that there’s a very interesting subtext about … Continue reading

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To (Possibly) Understand the Genetics of High IQ, We Should Test Poets, Not Mathematicians

There are at least two studies I’m aware of that are attempting to untangle the genetics of high IQ. They both involve looking at mathematical and sciencey types of people. I don’t think they’ll be that successful*. One reason has … Continue reading

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IQ, Covariance, and Heritability

I’ve been meaning to get to this very interesting paper (pdf) about the heritability of IQ–it supports something I’ve long suspected about IQ. The abstract (boldface mine): To further knowledge concerning the nature and nurture of intelligence, we scrutinized how … Continue reading

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So When Will Richwine and the Heritage Foundation Focus on Our Alabama Problem?

Dana Goldstein has a very nice takedown of Jason Richwine, formerly of the Heritage Foundation, who misused of IQ to argue that Latino immigrants should face restrictions as they are low IQ, including this: Richwine recognizes Brigham’s bias toward certain … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Derbyshire: Charles Murray Can’t Answer the Question Either

While it’s good news that John Derbyshire lost his job at National Review Online for his disgusting racist screed, Freddie deBoer notes that Derbyshire’s arguments about IQ and race aren’t different from many of the ‘genetic conservatives’ (boldface mine): Some … Continue reading

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