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Will The Rest Of Us Live Long Enough For the Dumb Bastids To Die Off?

One of the less discussed patterns of the 2016 elections had to do with age and Trump support: gosh darnit, old people like ‘im! And, as the kids used to say, elections have consequences (boldface mine): President Trump put both … Continue reading

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The Consequences Of Il Trumpe’s Narcissism

Recently, I wrote about my experience with a narcissistic boss in the workplace, and what that means for dealing with/surviving Il Trumpe. Josh Grubbs, a researcher who studies narcissism, makes some additional excellent points (I’ve ‘translated’ his tweets into something … Continue reading

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Lessons I Learned Working For A Narcissist And What That Means For Il Trumpe

Many moons ago, I worked at an organization that was run a textbook narcissist. Everything about Trump’s behavior reminds me of my former boss. Everything. Before I get to my own thoughts on the topic, back when I worked at … Continue reading

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MCR-1 Confers Resistance To Lysozyme, Part Of Our Immune System

If you don’t know what pleiotropy means, you had better learn the word: when one mutational change confers multiple phenotypic effects. When it comes to antibiotic resistance, this is a bad thing–for us, anyway. Which brings us to mcr-1, the … Continue reading

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It Sucks To Be This Patient: The Seven CPO Edition

It really does for this New Zealand (‘NZ’) patient (boldface mine): Here, we report the isolation of seven distinct CPO [carbapenemase producing organisms–resistant to the last line beta-lactam antibiotics], together with an ESBL-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Proteus mirabilis with an … Continue reading

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The Failure Of Governance Of D.C.’s Metro Rolls On

Once again, D.C. Metro is facing a failure of governance–and it’s not just Metro’s management, but the unwillingness of regional politicians to spend the needed money on the system. As a consequence, Metro, rather than transforming itself into a mass … Continue reading

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More On Hacking The Vote

And I don’t mean hack in that positive lifehacking sense. I’ve written many times before about how, during the 2008 and 2012 elections, both in the general and Republican primary, there appears to be a pattern in multiple states, wherein … Continue reading

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