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Trickle-Down Tax Policies

Well, the Dirty Fucking Hippies knew that the Republican tax cuts weren’t going to wind up in workers’ pockets. So far, early signs favor the Hippies (boldface mine): The HR consulting firm asked 333 employers with at least 1,000 employees … Continue reading

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Republicans Believe Social Security Is Welfare

I suppose you could argue it is welfare. Of course, welfare in the U.S. context has a pejorative connotation, and is only provided to those people. But this is standard Republican policy (boldface mine): Harwood: Are you thinking that you’ll … Continue reading

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Hit Donald Trump On Social Security

A while back, Il Trumpe suggested that he would force U.S. debtholders to take a haircut on their debt–that is, the value of the debt–U.S. Treasury bonds–would be lowered by fiat. Has anyone bothered to point out that the Social … Continue reading

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The Northern Strategy

Leaving aside the ‘Berniebros’*, from my perspective, the Democratic Northern Strategy (named after the Republican Southern Strategy) is one reason some long-time Democrats are supporting Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton (boldface mine): For decades now, we liberals have been shaking … Continue reading

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Clinton Needs To Be Questioned Very Hard on Social Security

I think Lambert Strether is absolutely right–we need to follow the money. Because Hillary Clinton’s call for GRAs (guaranteed retirement accounts) is very troubling–though not for her bundlers and heavy hitter donors (boldface mine): Check out this beat sweetener for … Continue reading

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Going Farther Than Atrios on Social Security

Atrios (aka ‘Duncan Black’) takes a well-earned victory lap in getting the idea of expanding Social Security payments in the mainstream political discussion–recently, all but two Senate Democrats voted to expand Social Security benefits. But what burns me up is … Continue reading

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But, By All Means, Let’s Turn Everyone’s Retirement Money Over to Wall Street

Cuz grifters gotta grift (boldface mine): The Lenape tribe got a better deal on the sale of Manhattan island than New York City’s pension funds have been getting from Wall Street, according to a new analysis by the city comptroller’s … Continue reading

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