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Big John

Observed in Bladgen Alley, D.C.:

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Sunday Sermon: The Guarantor Of Freedom

David Zirin commenting on Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem (boldface mine): This country—despite its awful treatment of soldiers when they return home—worships the cult of the military. And professional sports—especially the NFL—have played a central role. … Continue reading

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The War On Science: The NFL Edition

Whenever you read about assaults on the scientific process, it’s safe to say you should always follow the money (boldface mine): The league’s conduct with the NIH was strikingly similar: a deficient and false process, with an attempt to strong-arm … Continue reading

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Favorite Sports For Kids

If someone had told me twenty-five years ago that in 2014, more kids who played organized sports would be playing ultimate frisbee than either lacrosse or hockey, I wouldn’t have believed it. While baseball, basketball, and soccer are the largest … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With the Proposed New Sportsball Arena In D.C.

The august solons who govern D.C., including Mayor Muriel Bowser, have decided that shouldering the cost of a new basketball arena/practice facility to the tune of $55 million–ninety percent of the estimated cost–in part of the vacant land at the … Continue reading

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‘Femwashing’ Brutality

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been quite a few posts about mixed martial arts/ultimate fighting that have come across the transom. Most of them have focused on female fighter Ronda Rousey, who reigns supreme (most of her … Continue reading

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You Can’t Fix a Broken Polity With a Shotgun Olympic Wedding

It looks like D.C. dodged a bullet, while Boston is possibly saddled with the 2024 Olympics. Personally, I think Los Angeles would be the best choice, and both D.C. and Boston were very bad choices (one thing most people don’t … Continue reading

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