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Links 1/19/17

Links for you. Science: The passing of Gene Cernan reminds us how far we haven’t come Senators on key panel reject Donald Trump’s skepticism about vaccines New rule on clinical trial reporting doesn’t go far enough House Science Panel Adds … Continue reading

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Anonymous On Assange

Apparently, if this thread is to be believed, Anonymous doesn’t care much for Jullian Assange at all. It argues that Assange is a “fascist ideologue” who is using the ‘ideological reputation’ of Wikileaks’ other founders to dupe people. Put blunty: … Continue reading

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When Charters Fail To Make The Grade: The KIPP Edition

One of the stupidest education reforms has been the grading of schools on a letter grade. It takes all of the problems with assessment, and then simplifies them, making them worse. But in Texas, it seems to have put the … Continue reading

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Links 1/18/17

Links for you. Science: Behind New Zealand’s wild plan to purge all pests How the darkness and the cold killed the dinosaurs Mars is awful ASM Sends Letter to President-elect Trump on Vaccine Issues (but what would microbiologists know about … Continue reading

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Flag At Rest

Observed at the corner of Independence and Washington Avenues, Southwest, D.C.:

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We Found Trump’s James Watt: It’s Betsy DeVos

While no Secretary of Education in a Republican administration would be to my liking, it’s pretty clear Il Trumpe’s nominee, Betsy DeVos, is unqualified and a theocratic zealot. She’s an advocate of school vouchers, which have always been seen, by … Continue reading

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Links 1/17/17

Links for you. Science: Trump Meets With Physicist Who Says ‘Benefits’ Of Climate Change ‘Outweigh Any Harm’: William Happer also compared the “demonization of carbon dioxide” to the Holocaust (“Carbon dioxide is actually a benefit to the world, and so … Continue reading

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