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Links 10/26/16

Links for you. Science: Tasmanian devil milk could kill golden staph and other antibiotic-resistant bugs The Real Problem With Fusion Energy No, the Great Barrier Reef is not dead, but it is very, very sick New antibiotic mined from human … Continue reading

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Noted without further comment:

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If I Were A Rich Crazy Person I Would Massively Fund This

Unfortunately, I’m a not-rich crazy person (boldface mine): For everything that virologists have learned about rhinoviruses — the cause of the majority of colds — they have not invented a vaccine for them. In 2013, Moore wondered if he could … Continue reading

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Links 10/25/16

Links for you. Science: Keep politics out of science? Fugghedaboutit Yes, you can actually work yourself to death. But is that a surprise? It’s Time for the Fur Trade to Protect Big Cats in the Wild People are hunting primates, … Continue reading

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Scary Box

Observed at the corner of 15th and Swann NW, Shaw, D.C.:

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It’s Still The Handguns Stupid

I know I’m shouting into the wind about handguns–which cause the overwhelming majority of gun deaths, both suicides and homicides–but Gary Younge makes an interesting point (boldface mine): Having identified the problem, but without being able to envision any political … Continue reading

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Links 10/24/16

Links for you. Science: A changing climate for coral reefs STD rates hit record high in U.S. as screening clinics close Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump on science, energy, and the climate Use of strongest antibiotics rises to record levels … Continue reading

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