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Links 7/27/16

Links for you. Science: The Channel Islands are California’s Galapagos Clinton unveils plans for US science Invasive lionfish have reached the Mediterranean. Luckily they’re tasty … To Protect the Food Supply, Spend More Federal Money Zika is found in common … Continue reading

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People Have To Like This Crap: The Infrastructure Edition

Edward Luce is right (boldface mine): What is glaringly absent from her campaign is an economic message people can recall. It is a mystery Mrs Clinton does not stage a photo-op every week in front of crumbling infrastructure and vow … Continue reading

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A Higher Minimum Wage Saves Lives By way of the Pump Handle, we come across two studies about public health and the minimum wage. Guess what? Not being poor is good for people (boldface mine): Published this month in the American Journal of Public … Continue reading

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Links 7/26/16

Links for you. Science: Race, not gender, is key factor in NIH awards Non-slip socks: a potential reservoir for transmitting multidrug-resistant organisms in hospitals? The laborious delivery of Markram’s brainchild No, the US Isn’t Using Vaccine-Laced M&Ms to Save Ferrets … Continue reading

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Monday Night Thoughts On Pragmatism

One surety of politics is that there will always be assholes. There were the hecklers at the Democratic Convention who fail to release that ninety percent of Sanders supporters intend to vote for Clinton (a pre-convention figure that was much … Continue reading

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Links 7/25/16

Links for you. Science: How Australia Eliminated AIDS as a Public-Health Threat Tyrannosaurs: It’s Not Just About Rex Are cats the ultimate weapon in public health? First evidence that GM mosquitoes reduce disease Why Jet Lag Can Feel Worse When … Continue reading

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Urban Housing Policy And Those Stupid Natural History Facts: The DOPA And TOPA Edition

Attempts to lower urban housing costs seem to come in two flavors: 1. BUILD MOAR. 2. Rent control. However, D.C. has two pretty good alternatives, known as DOPA: Here’s the thing–D.C. has a very good legal structure to preserve affordable … Continue reading

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