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Links 8/22/19

Links for you. Science: Insect ‘apocalypse’ in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides ‘It makes me angry’: is this the end for America’s Joshua trees? The three technologies bioinformaticians need to be using right now How much Public … Continue reading

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Two Prosaic Reasons for Small(er) Protests in the U.S.: Transit and Geography

With the inspiring protests in Hong Kong, there has been the occasional remark along the lines of ‘why aren’t there larger protests’, especially in D.C. While there are lots of reasons, there are two rather boring, yet important, ones, as … Continue reading

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Links 8/21/19

Links for you. Science: Why Weather Forecasting Keeps Getting Better The Paternity Reveal Hepatitis A is breaking out across the country in wake of opioid crisis USDA tried to cast doubt on UW-linked study about climate effects on nutrients in … Continue reading

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Art Deco, Overcast

Observed on 16th Street NW, between T and U, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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Democrats Fire a Warning Shot at the Supreme Court

It only took thirty years or so, but Democrats seem to coming to a slow understanding that the Supreme Court is hopelessly politicized. In an amicus brief, several Democratic senators, led by Sen. Whitehouse (RI) have laid out in very … Continue reading

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Links 8/20/19

Links for you. Science: ‘Geno-economics’ Is a Thing, But Maybe It Shouldn’t Be (should also see this paper) Don’t change your DNA at home, says America’s first CRISPR law Ebola Outbreaks Are About Inequality Looking Backward To Move Forward: the … Continue reading

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In-Play ‘Deplorables’

One point I’ve been trying to make for the last three years is that a fair number of Democratic voters are, to use a word, deplorable. That is, there are bigots who vote for Democrats in spite of and in … Continue reading

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