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Links 4/29/17

Links for you. Science: The Giant Sea Mammal That Went Extinct in Less Than Three Decades What is adaptation by natural selection? Perspectives of an experimental microbiologist Origins of Indonesian hobbits finally revealed Historians say the March for Science is … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist posts: Krugman’s Really Ugly Assumption Petty People: The Mitch McConnell Edition What We Mean By ‘Antibiotic Resistance’: The Ciprofloxacin-Shigella Alert Edition Cherries, Close Up The Waffling On Abortion Isn’t Sanders, It’s Coming From The Democratic … Continue reading

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Links 4/28/17

Links for you. Science: Urban Birds Sing Shorter Songs When Traffic Is Loud Report: After years of cuts and even more proposed, public health faces funding crisis ‘They’re just hiding’: Experts say Puerto Rico may be underreporting Zika-affected births Changing … Continue reading

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Remember The Victims Of The Nebraska Public Power District

Recently, the rightwing rag The Federalist had a silly article titled “For The Left, Socialism Denial Is Holocaust Denial”, so, before we continue, I would ask for a moment of silence to remember the victims of the Nebraska Public Power … Continue reading

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Links 4/27/17

Links for you. Science: An asteroid will not destroy Earth today. But let’s consider that for a moment. Giraffes must be listed as endangered, conservationists formally tell US Why Are Some Mice (and People) Monogamous? A Study Points to Genes … Continue reading

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Old And Alone

Observed in Blagden Alley, D.C.:

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Thoughts On “The Nonpartisan Nerd Parade”

To use Buzzfeed’s phrase. Hughes (boldface mine): The programming could be called a lot of things. Inspiring, maybe. Nerdy. Wholesome. Boring. But it was not in any way controversial. And in that way it felt like a missed opportunity, bizarrely … Continue reading

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