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The Epistemic Closure of the Professional Conservative Mind

At least for the jurists (boldface mind): Some observers have pointed out that the court’s conservative majority doesn’t seem to think of itself as answerable to the American people, especially given the vast right-wing bureaucracy represented by groups like The … Continue reading

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Links 5/25/22

Links for you. Science: What the World’s Largest Organism Reveals About Fires and Forests Invasive jumping worms have made their way into California, and scientists are worried Routine Surveillance and Vaccination on a University Campus During the Spread of the … Continue reading

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After Fifty Years of Ineptitude

While Rebecca Traister is discussing abortion, this sentiment about professional Democrats applies to so many policy issues (boldface mine): None of what is unfolding now is about short-term strategy or single-cycle results. Nor is it about a single presidential administration. … Continue reading

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Links 5/24/22

Links for you. Science: Scientists discover ‘ghost’ fossils beneath a microscope The Annihilation of Florida: An Overlooked National Tragedy Amazonian ‘camera traps’ provided images for massive archive Scientist finds professor who supported her love for bugs when she was 4 … Continue reading

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Partisanship and the End of the Pandemic

Gallup released some new polling data, and the response to the question “In your opinion, is the coronavirus pandemic over in the U.S., or not?” is unlike most other responses. Typically, when people are asked questions like ‘how is the … Continue reading

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Links 5/23/22

Links for you. Science: Maximum likelihood pandemic-scale phylogenetics Online Phylogenetics using Parsimony Produces Slightly Better Trees and is Dramatically More Efficient for Large SARS-CoV-2 Phylogenies than de novo and Maximum-Likelihood Approaches Limited cross-variant immunity from SARS-CoV-2 Omicron without vaccination Metadata … Continue reading

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Homicide and Digging Holes and Then Filling Them Up Again

But without bodies at the bottom of those holes. From the Washington Post (boldface mine): Every time a trigger is pulled and a victim is shot dead in D.C., the city pays at least $1.53 million in response, according to … Continue reading

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Links 5/22/22

Links for you. Science: Winter ticks wiped out nearly 90% of the moose calves scientists tracked in part of Maine last year In a massive Chinese sinkhole, scientists find a secret forest So, Have You Heard About Monkeypox? A SARS-CoV-2 … Continue reading

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Man, Baby, Cone

Observed at the corner of 17th and Corcoran Streets NW, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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Links 5/21/22

Links for you. Science: Historical contingency drives compensatory evolution and rare reversal of phage resistance Limit of Detection for Rapid Antigen Testing of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron and Delta Variants of Concern Using Live-Virus Culture Surgeons, Infectious Diseases, and Twitter Hit … Continue reading

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