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Links 7/26/17

Links for you. Science: In search of donations: NASA’s famed Apollo Mission Control Center (MAGA!) Forget sharks: 7 things in the water swimmers should actually fear A freak accident covering an Oregon highway in slime is a dire warning about … Continue reading

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The ACA Fight Is Not Over

Despite the supposed ‘heroics’ of Sen. John ‘Keating Five’ McCain enabling the repeal of the ACA–and denying millions the medical care he receives for free–there are still things to do to stop ACA repeal: If you live in Alaska or … Continue reading

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The War On Science (and -ists): The Department Of Interior Edition

Because you can’t have Science without scientists. Or, if you prefer, why civil service protections matter (boldface mine): I am not a member of the deep state. I am not big government. I am a scientist, a policy expert, a … Continue reading

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Links 7/25/17

Links for you. Science: Interior Dept. ordered Glacier park chief, other climate expert pulled from Zuckerberg tour Exact sequence variants should replace operational taxonomic units in marker-gene data analysis I Am Officially in Love With Cockroaches Redefine statistical significance New … Continue reading

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Yellow House

Observed on Burgundy St., between Gov. Nicholls St. and Ursuline Ave., the French Quarter, New Orleans:

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The Problem Isn’t Algebra

So the algebra wars are flaring again, thanks to the California chancellor of community colleges (boldface mine): Algebra is one of the biggest hurdles to getting a high school or college degree — particularly for students of color and first-generation … Continue reading

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Links 7/24/17

Links for you. Science: Trump officially nominates climate-denying conservative talk radio host as USDA’s top scientist Trump pick for USDA science post has drawn darts for lack of technical background The Man Who Blew The Door Off The Microbial World … Continue reading

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