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Admittedly, He Doesn’t Know How a Womb Works Either

I realize calling Il Trumpe’s tweets stupid is like shooting fish in a barrel, but sometimes the stupid is so mighty it’s worthy of comment. I give you this: Will Jerry Nadler ever look into the fact that Crooked Hillary … Continue reading

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Links 5/18/19

Links for you. Science: Scientists Discover Nearly 200,000 Kinds of Ocean Viruses The Gross Inequality of Death in America On Puerto Rico’s ‘Forgotten Island,’ Tesla’s Busted Solar Panels Tell A Cautionary Tale Joe Biden Looks to Revive Obama’s Climate Plan. … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist posts: Fear of Mass Transit As a Mass Communicable Psychotic Break Mass Transit in Far-Flung Areas Georgia’s Anti-Abortion Law Is a Democratic Party Failure Strongly Urge Revisiting Misadventures in Interpreting Democratic Primary Polling Data (LIZLADS … Continue reading

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Links 5/17/19

Links for you. Science: How Fish May See Color in the Deep Ocean’s Darkness Genetically Tweaked Viruses Just Saved a Very Sick Teen Forget diet and exercise—for better health, we need better cities This doctor posted online in favor of … Continue reading

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Privatization Is Theft

I occasionally snark about means-testing the public library: To use an absurd example, we could means test the public library, offer a series of different borrowing plans based on verified income and so on, or we could just… lend out … Continue reading

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Links 5/16/19

Links for you. Science: Snapping turtle battle Company man He pioneered technology that fueled the Human Genome Project. Now his greatest challenge is curing his own son A Legendary Scientist Sounds Off on the Trouble With STEM Vanishing Penguin Colony … Continue reading

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Cruelty As Ideology: The Mo Brooks Edition

A while ago, I noted that cruelty is not just a character flaw, but an ideology. Like all ideologies, cruelty is a force which gives people meaning: …consider, instead, healthcare. A fair number of conservatives don’t have a problem with … Continue reading

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