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We Have Multiple Housing Crises

A recent article, “Why The Housing Crisis Is A Problem For Everyone — Even Wealthy Homeowners” does a very good job of explaining why high urban housing prices are a problem for everyone. But it suffers from a problem in … Continue reading

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Links 1/22/20

Links for you. Science: The basics: What we know — and don’t know — about the virus spreading in China and beyond Why Black doctors like me are leaving faculty positions in academic medical centers What’s For Dinner? For Hammerhead … Continue reading

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Trump Understands Something Moderate, ‘Pragmatic’ Democrats Do Not

You have to give your supporters nice things. The last year hasn’t been a good one for many U.S. farmers. Between flooding and a trade war, they have been hit hard. In fact, there was a time when some farmers … Continue reading

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Links 1/21/20

Links for you. Science: New microbes discovered in a red fox, homemade kefir and a tick How Climate Change Influenced Australia’s Unprecedented Fires He helped make burgers safer. Now he’s fighting food poisoning again. Behavioral Economics’ Latest Bias: Seeing Bias … Continue reading

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We Knew Who Trump Was All Along: The Assassination of New York Edition

If you were paying attention. I recently read Robert Fitch’s The Assassination of New York, which is about the transformation of New York City and was published in 1993. It’s always fascinating to see how and if ‘current events’ books … Continue reading

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Links 1/20/20

Links for you. Science: Human body temperature has declined steadily over the past 160 years How A Bad Boss Remade Himself As a Climate Hero Beware a closing of the British mind if we abandon European endeavours Scientists Design Bacteria-Based … Continue reading

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The NY Times Endorsement and the Hilariousness of Elite Mediocrities

So the NY Times has finally released its Democratic primary endorsement and…it’s good news for John McCain! Actually, they decided to go halfsies and endorse Klobuchar as a ‘pragmatist’ (KLOBUCHARGE!) and Warren as passionate. I was hoping they would be … Continue reading

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