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Links 1/31/20

Links for you. Science: 2019-nCoV sequences currently available in GenBank Your friendly reminder that slime molds are FREAKIN’ CRAZY. DNA sleuths read the coronavirus genome, tracing its origins and looking for dangerous mutations From scientist to salesman: How Bennet Omalu, … Continue reading

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The Democratic Establishment Is Very Stupid

This is one of the surprising things about the entire Democratic primary (boldface mine): With six days until the Iowa caucuses, the political establishment has arrived at a troubling realization: It might be time to take this Bernie Sanders guy … Continue reading

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Links 1/30/20

Links for you. Science: China’s coronavirus outbreak reminds me of the Irish polio epidemic I survived Why Wuhan Is at the Center of the Viral Outbreak: The city has been pouring resources into science and research, while public-health spending has … Continue reading

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We Focus on Housing Costs, but Ignore Transportation Costs

And when you include transportation costs, suddenly those low-cost areas aren’t so low-cost anymore. At all. Many moons ago, some asshole with a blog noted: Even though I want to deport everyone to urban hellholes think urbanization is a good … Continue reading

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Links 1/29/20

Links for you. Science: We’re past ‘if’ on the coronavirus. We’re on to ‘how bad will it be?’ These Prehistoric Fish Are Making a Slow Comeback in the Midwest Epidemiological Data from the nCoV-2019 Outbreak: Early Descriptions from Publicly Available … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Iraq Past

I can’t remember exactly the excuse given by every Democrat who supported giving Bush the power to invade Iraq–and let’s cut the bullshit, everyone knew he would use that authority, so it was a vote for the war–but it was … Continue reading

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Links 1/28/20

Links for you. Science: Wuhan seafood market may not be source of novel virus spreading globally Something far deadlier than the Wuhan coronavirus lurks near you, right here in America Estimates of the clock and TMRCA for 2019-nCoV based on … Continue reading

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When They’re Not Bagmen, They’re Grifters

Ivanka is in trouble with the D.C. Attorney General (boldface mine): Then-President-elect Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka were warned in 2016 that the family business was overcharging the nonprofit presidential inaugural committee — and let it happen anyway, according … Continue reading

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Links 1/27/20

Links for you. Science: Genomic analysis of nCoV spread. Situation report EPA fails to provide scientific evidence backing claim climate change damage was ’50 to 75 years out’ Can wearing masks stop the spread of viruses? Scientists discovered four new … Continue reading

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I Think Democrats Made a Serious Mistake by Not Including Emoluments

To their credit, the Democratic managers of the impeachment hearings have shown an uncharacteristic willingness to speak forcefully and bluntly, and without hesitation. They have presented a compelling argument about the Ukraine scandal. But it won’t be enough–not that the … Continue reading

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