Links 1/27/20

Links for you. Science:

Genomic analysis of nCoV spread. Situation report
EPA fails to provide scientific evidence backing claim climate change damage was ’50 to 75 years out’
Can wearing masks stop the spread of viruses?
Scientists discovered four new species of sharks that walk
A Civil War-era ‘witch bottle’ may have been found on a Virginia highway, archaeologists say


The Democrats Are Letting Roberts Off Too Easily
As D.C. Conducts Annual Count Of People Experiencing Homelessness, Officials Expect To See Decrease
Trump’s Davos speech exposed how US isolationism is reaching its final narcissistic chapter
Clinton Says Sanders Achieved “Nothing.” My Community Clinic Shows She’s Wrong.
Betsy DeVos compares choice of abortion to choice of slavery
Joe Biden’s Checkered Ethical History Is Fair Game for Criticism
The Orwellian Assault on Bernie Sanders
How Women Are Training to Do Their Own Abortions
The Downward Spiral
Urban population decline – how it happens, why it matters, and what to do about it.
Facebook allows pro-Trump Super PAC to lie in ads
A Biden Nomination Means a Second Trump Term (dunno, but he’s not the most ‘electable’)
Explaining Warren
Joe Biden’s Long Career as a Deficit Hawk Will Come Back to Bite Him
We Need a Law to Save Us From Dystopia
Nonexistent Plan for Affordable Housing Roils Wealthy Alexandria Neighborhood
The End of Public Anonymity Is Close
Bernie Sanders Has Been Planning A Social Security Fight With Donald Trump For Years
The Way We Write History Has Changed
Bernie Will Have to Fight Dirty: Despite his reputation for gruffness, Sanders hesitates to attack his opponents directly. He shouldn’t hold back.
BK To The Future: D.C.’s Iconic Burger King Is Getting A Facelift

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