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Memorial Day Thoughts by Andy Rooney

When it comes to war, we should spend more time listening to those who have seen it.
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ASM Needs to Change the Format of the General Meeting

Fixing ASM’s general meeting problems.
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Obama’s BP Fallout and Why You Don’t Deliberately Piss on Your Base

What I learned while being forced to watch cable TV.
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The Future of Bacterial Genomics: It’s Not the Sequencing, It’s the…

…assembly and analysis. The challenges ahead for bacterial genomics. We are entering an era where the time and money costs won’t be focused on raw sequence generation, but on the informatics needed to build high-quality genomes with those data.
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Rand Paul and the Transmogrification of the Southern Strategy

What started out as a rhetorical ploy to defeat a not-for-whites-only New Deal has now become a self-sustaining ideology.
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Will Cloud Computing Help Genomics Handle Post-Moore’s Law Data Loads?

If a couple of technical issues can be sorted out, yes.
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An Island in the Middle of the Charles River?

Don’t worry, I’m not describing Boston Mayor Menino’s latest harebrained scheme.
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Sunday Links

I’m travelling today, so here are some links for you.
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Saturday Links

Some reading to start your weekend.
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The Overton Window: The Inflation Estimate Edition

A bunch of anti-inflation radicals are pushing inflation estimates in the direction they want, and thereby shifting the terms of the debate.
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