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D.C.: Extra Taxation Without Representation (On Free-Loading Non-Urban Areas)

One common conservative claim is that cities, full of those people, are leeches that take a lot of money from ‘real Americans’ to pay for all of their lazy poor people. While the claim appears ridiculous (among other things that … Continue reading

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In which we discuss ‘inflation’ and ‘deficits’ as well. While I’m inclined to agree with Dani Rodrik’s assessment of NAFTA–very small effects overall, but in some areas, locally devastating–I think this whole debate mistakes ‘NAFTA’ with NAFTA. I’ve noticed when … Continue reading

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Stalled Rents And Income Inequality

One of the missing elements in the discussion over rising urban rental costs is the role of income inequality. People will pay high prices to live somewhere–until they can’t (boldface mine): David J. Maundrell III, the executive vice president of … Continue reading

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The Looming Insolvency Of Local Governments

Regardless of who won the presidential election, they stand a reasonable chance of being confronted by the fiscal instability of many municipalities. Here’s another example, this time from Lafayette, Louisiana (boldface mine): When we added up the replacement cost of … Continue reading

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Without Government Protection, Individual Workers Have No Power: The Overtime Edition

This is why federal judges matter (boldface mine): CANCELED RAISES: With the future of the overtime rule very much in doubt, some employers are canceling promised raises. The rule, initially set to take effect December 1, doubles (to $47,476) the … Continue reading

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A Quick Description Of Part Of The U.S. Economy

From a story about cuts to public defenders in New Mexico: “When oil took a dive, people’s meth addiction that allowed them to work 72 hours on the oil fields didn’t go away,” said Freeman Faust, a public defender. But … Continue reading

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We Do Provide Lots of Aid To Rural Areas

One long-standing problem Democrats face is that many people have a very different definition of what constitutes government assistance: Veterans benefits aren’t government aid (41%!?!)? How is that possible? One argument is that these programs are invisible: Mettler argues that … Continue reading

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