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The Stop Bezos Act Isn’t The Right Solution

Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna and Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the Stop Bezos Act. The acronym is pretty good (Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies), but, other than that, I really don’t like it. Here’s what the bill would do … Continue reading

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Suburban Sprawl Is Expensive, When You Actually Have To Pay For It

A while ago, we noted that the wicked problem isn’t affordable urban housing, but the fiscal sustainability of the suburbs: Something that’s lurking in the background of the U.S. economy, and which will erupt with a fury in ten years … Continue reading

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Full-Scale Looting, The Capital Gains Tax Edition

If a Democrat ever takes back the White House, she will have to make sure the copper pipes weren’t ripped out and hocked (boldface mine): The Trump administration is considering bypassing Congress to grant a $100 billion tax cut mainly … Continue reading

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Tariffs Are Hurting YIMBYs

While I’m not a full-throttled YIMBY (though, increasingly, NIMBY idiocy is pushing me in that direction), once a building has been approved, we should have it be built to the approved height–we do need the housing. But this is a … Continue reading

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I Think The Emphasis On A Jobs Guarantee Could Be A Mistake

Before I get into why I think this, I’m on the record as being willing to support a jobs guarantee, if that’s how Democrats et alia decide to go. But the more I think about it, the more I don’t … Continue reading

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Tight Labor Markets Increase Productivity

Didn’t we know this? Since the end of the Great Recession, however — and, to a lesser extent, even during the stronger economic times that preceded it — productivity growth has been confoundingly weak, forcing business owners and workers to … Continue reading

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Yes On 77 In D.C.

If you walk around D.C., you might have seen (likely you have) restaurants displaying “No on 77” signs. This is referring to Referendum 77 in D.C., to be held on June 19, which would raise the minimum wage for tipped … Continue reading

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