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Medical Supply Chains And Industrial Policy

After Il Trumpe’s latest policy utterance on steel tariffs and trade, there has been much discussion about trade, manufacturing, protectionism, and the like. Usually, these discussions, when drawing on examples, focus on steel, cars, or other large consumer goods. It … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Trump ‘Budget’ And A Possible Minsky Moment

And thanks to budget chief Mick Mulvaney, nothing I write could be more stupid than anything he’s said–love clearing them low-lying punditry bars! Let’s deal with the ZOMG! TEH IFLATIONISMZ! typified by Steven Ratner (boldface mine): Perhaps I shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Trickle-Down Tax Policies

Well, the Dirty Fucking Hippies knew that the Republican tax cuts weren’t going to wind up in workers’ pockets. So far, early signs favor the Hippies (boldface mine): The HR consulting firm asked 333 employers with at least 1,000 employees … Continue reading

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Clostridioides Difficile Is Expensive

The infection known as ‘C diff’ is caused by the organism Clostridioides* difficile. It’s often the result of antibiotic therapy, since antibiotic use can disrupt the normal microbial flora, making way for C. difficile. This means this infections are likely … Continue reading

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The (Business) Rent Is Too Damn High

From New York City (boldface mine): Over the past several years, thousands of small retailers have closed, replaced by national chains. When they, too, fail, the stores lie vacant, and landlords, often institutional investors, are unwilling to drop rents. A … Continue reading

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Now That Tax Cuts Are On The Table, We Are Now All MMTers

While Ross Douthat is correct, he doesn’t get a cookie for this (boldface mine): Instead, in the spirit of the longer view, I want to use this confessional column to reach back to the early Obama years, and the arguments … Continue reading

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‘Tight’ Labor Markets: The Snow Removal Edition

We travel to Maine for today’s edition of ‘I support basic economics, except when that means I have to pay workers more’ (odd how that works out; boldface mine): Here’s a chilling sign that low unemployment has its downsides: Maine … Continue reading

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