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First, We Stop The Dying. Then, If Needed, We Worry About Inflation

With radical centrist Howard Schultz tossing his hat into the ring, as predicted, radical centrists are starting up with the ‘how are you going to pay for it?‘ crap. The snarky answer would be, “We’ll pay for it the same … Continue reading

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The Cost Of Large Concentrations Of Wealth

One problem when the wealthy, whether individuals or corporations, have so much damn money is that it becomes trivial for them to buy out people (as crass as that sounds). From an article about computer scientists, we find the following … Continue reading

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What The Shutdown Tells Us About The Reality Of U.S. Middle Class Life

As we hear more stories about federal employees facing real hardship due to the partial shutdown that has lasted for over a month, it’s really provides us a window into how middle class life has been degraded. One thing to … Continue reading

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Coal Mining?

In internet time, this is aeons ago, but anyone remember when bringing back jobs to coal country was the most important thing EVAR? Well, nationally, coal mining jobs are up by 3,000, from 50,900 to 53,900–in an economy with around … Continue reading

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CPI, The Cost Of A Banana, And The Minimum Wage

For some reason last week, there were a number of pieces about opposition to minimum wage increases, partly due to the data that shows in Seattle, despite predictions of economic collapse, lower end jobs are have picked up along with … Continue reading

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The Environment Deficit

As some asshole with a blog has noted, when you have real needs and resources that can be mobilized, currency should never be the rate-limiting step. At all (boldface mine): Across America, calls for climate action are growing louder and … Continue reading

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The Business Rents Are Still Too Damn High

One reason we see so many ‘fast casual’ restaurants, which are basically ordinary, quick if not fast, food, but at thirty to forty percent higher prices, is due to high business rents: When it comes to food, in too many … Continue reading

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