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The Majority Of People Employed By The Federal Government Aren’t Federal Employees

While ‘the size of the federal government’ is an eternal shibboleth, along with its cousin, the lazy federal employee, the majority of people employed by the federal government are private contractors, and not federal workers (boldface mine): A new study … Continue reading

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Now We Are All Lernerians

Or is it Lernerists? Lernerites? Anyway, OMB Director and Trump appointee Mick Mulvaney lets the cat out of the bag (boldface mine): White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney is signaling similar flexibility, saying on CNN Sunday that decisions about deductions … Continue reading

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We Are Still Not At Full Capacity

Dean Baker brings the heat (boldface mine): The drop in employment rates among workers — and especially men — without college degrees has been widely noted. The employment rate for men over the age of 25, with just a high … Continue reading

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Military Lernerism

I’m calling this military Lernerism and not military Keynesianism, because there’s a difference. Many people understand what military Keynesianism is–or for that matter, Keynesianism in general. When times are bad, deficit spend to put people back to work and stimulate … Continue reading

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The ‘Opioid’ Crisis Runs Deep

As we’ve noted before, while opioids rack up the highest body count, many kinds of drug use have become much more lethal: Since 2011 opioid and opiate deaths combined in Ohio have increased from 1,228 to 4,365 in 2016–a 3.55-fold … Continue reading

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The Political Economy Of Equifax And Easy, Bad Credit

Yves Smith makes a very important observation about Equifax, the data collection company that was unable to secure personal data on 143 million Americans (boldface mine): Understand what happened here. Methods of screening borrowers that would seem to be common-sensical, … Continue reading

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Equifax Could Be A Real Crisis For Trump

Unlike most of his ‘crises’ which are self-inflicted. Last Thursday, 143 million Americans discovered that the personal information they use to establish credit, take out loans (and is used by employers), and to register to vote was stolen from Equifax. … Continue reading

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