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I Think The Emphasis On A Jobs Guarantee Could Be A Mistake

Before I get into why I think this, I’m on the record as being willing to support a jobs guarantee, if that’s how Democrats et alia decide to go. But the more I think about it, the more I don’t … Continue reading

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Tight Labor Markets Increase Productivity

Didn’t we know this? Since the end of the Great Recession, however — and, to a lesser extent, even during the stronger economic times that preceded it — productivity growth has been confoundingly weak, forcing business owners and workers to … Continue reading

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Yes On 77 In D.C.

If you walk around D.C., you might have seen (likely you have) restaurants displaying “No on 77” signs. This is referring to Referendum 77 in D.C., to be held on June 19, which would raise the minimum wage for tipped … Continue reading

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Bigotry Is A Force That Gives (Some Of) Us Meaning

One of the flaws of the analysis of the 2016 election–which is necessary to determine how to win future elections–is how the left, construed very broadly, misunderstands the role of racism. As some asshole with a blog put it (boldface … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Universal Basic Incomes And Job Guarantees

Or, if you prefer, why the Mad Biologist is in the slow leftist group. With the Democratic frontrunners for 2020 getting onboard with a job guarantee, there has been much discussion about both a universal basic income (UBI) and a … Continue reading

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Private Equity Is A Threat To R&D

So said the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, when it put the kibosh on Chinese-owned Broadcom buying U.S.-owned Qualcomm (boldface mine): Tuesday’s ruling was groundbreaking in that the issue wasn’t whether Singapore’s Broadcom itself posed a security … Continue reading

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Medical Supply Chains And Industrial Policy

After Il Trumpe’s latest policy utterance on steel tariffs and trade, there has been much discussion about trade, manufacturing, protectionism, and the like. Usually, these discussions, when drawing on examples, focus on steel, cars, or other large consumer goods. It … Continue reading

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