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CPI, The Cost Of A Banana, And The Minimum Wage

For some reason last week, there were a number of pieces about opposition to minimum wage increases, partly due to the data that shows in Seattle, despite predictions of economic collapse, lower end jobs are have picked up along with … Continue reading

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The Environment Deficit

As some asshole with a blog has noted, when you have real needs and resources that can be mobilized, currency should never be the rate-limiting step. At all (boldface mine): Across America, calls for climate action are growing louder and … Continue reading

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The Business Rents Are Still Too Damn High

One reason we see so many ‘fast casual’ restaurants, which are basically ordinary, quick if not fast, food, but at thirty to forty percent higher prices, is due to high business rents: When it comes to food, in too many … Continue reading

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Paid Leave And D.C.’s Petite–And Petty–Bourgeoisie

So The Washington Post only endorsed Reeder for the At-Large Council position, citing opposition to Silverman on the basis of her support of D.C.’s paid family leave law. This should be expected for an editorial page run by Fred Hiatt … Continue reading

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Council Chairman Mendelson Is Still Being Disingenuous About Initiative 77

Tuesday, the D.C. Council passed the first vote to overturn the Initiative 77 referendum which would have raised the minimum wage for tipped workers to $15/hour by 2025. One of the supporters of Initiative 77, Council Member Elissa Silverman, proposed … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh, Aggrievement, And The Hierarchy Among Elites

With the Kavanaugh nomination still ongoing (yet another dreadful week to be had, as too many will ignore the obvious conclusion that he is lying), there has been a lot of talk about the privileges of the elite. Daniel Drezner … Continue reading

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The Stop Bezos Act Isn’t The Right Solution

Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna and Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the Stop Bezos Act. The acronym is pretty good (Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies), but, other than that, I really don’t like it. Here’s what the bill would do … Continue reading

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