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2020 Or 2024 Is The Pivotal Election

This column by John Feffer about Poland gets at something I’ve been trying to clearly state (boldface mine):  Since its post-Communist transition, that country is often described as having cleaved into two parts, commonly known as “Poland A” and … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Mainstream Pundit Rediscovers The Difference Between The Positive And The Normative

Only the finest analysis from the Grey Lady (boldface mine): Here is an overarching theory of what we might have missed in the march toward a hyper-efficient global economy: Economic efficiency isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Efficiency sounds … Continue reading

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Austerity And Fascism

A while ago, I argued, in the context of Greece’s imploding economy, that a key economic policy benchmark should be not encouraging fascism: When you read about the political mess that Greece has became, the press for austerity–led by Germany–is … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Deficit Straitjacket

Recently, Clinton said the following about deficit spending (boldface mine): Trump also said we can just print more money to pay our debt down. Well, we know what happened to countries that tried that in the past like Germany in … Continue reading

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The Other Cost of Gentrification

We’ll ignore for purposes of this post that there are different kinds of gentrification, this older story I’ve been meaning to get to illustrates a major problem: After more than a decade of serving Scandinavian-Slavic comfort food in what was … Continue reading

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A Possible Explanation For The Stall In Productivity

When technology is used to manage as opposed to produce goods or services. A couple of weeks ago, the Boston Globe described how Partners, the largest hospital system, is stumbling through the adoption of its new electronic records system, EPIC … Continue reading

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One Reason Why There Might Be Economic Discontent

It’s the net worth, stupid. Recently, Kevin Drum has written several posts wondering why U.S.-ians are so cranky about the economy when, based on the statistics he cites, things seem to be doing pretty well. Well, here’s a simple table … Continue reading

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