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The Looming Insolvency Of Local Governments

Regardless of who won the presidential election, they stand a reasonable chance of being confronted by the fiscal instability of many municipalities. Here’s another example, this time from Lafayette, Louisiana (boldface mine): When we added up the replacement cost of … Continue reading

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Without Government Protection, Individual Workers Have No Power: The Overtime Edition

This is why federal judges matter (boldface mine): CANCELED RAISES: With the future of the overtime rule very much in doubt, some employers are canceling promised raises. The rule, initially set to take effect December 1, doubles (to $47,476) the … Continue reading

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A Quick Description Of Part Of The U.S. Economy

From a story about cuts to public defenders in New Mexico: “When oil took a dive, people’s meth addiction that allowed them to work 72 hours on the oil fields didn’t go away,” said Freeman Faust, a public defender. But … Continue reading

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We Do Provide Lots of Aid To Rural Areas

One long-standing problem Democrats face is that many people have a very different definition of what constitutes government assistance: Veterans benefits aren’t government aid (41%!?!)? How is that possible? One argument is that these programs are invisible: Mettler argues that … Continue reading

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This, coming from an economist and former PIMCO bigwig, is somewhat surprising–though probably not new for long-time readers (boldface mine): while Clinton gets my vote, her insistence at the final debate that her proposed fiscal program will not “add a … Continue reading

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You Can’t Have Gentrification Without A Gentry

Pointing out the obvious yet neglected component of gentrification (boldface mine): But why Brooklyn, and why now? There’s no one answer. Rather, several interlocking factors have helped bring about the New Brooklyn: Inequality. To have $4,000-a-month rents, you need renters … Continue reading

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Technobrats And Monocausality

Before we get to the meat of the post, Steve Randy Waldman comes up with a humdinger of a quote, one I think I’ll be using often: Vox is a wonderful publication along many dimensions. One of its virtues is … Continue reading

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