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This, coming from an economist and former PIMCO bigwig, is somewhat surprising–though probably not new for long-time readers (boldface mine): while Clinton gets my vote, her insistence at the final debate that her proposed fiscal program will not “add a … Continue reading

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You Can’t Have Gentrification Without A Gentry

Pointing out the obvious yet neglected component of gentrification (boldface mine): But why Brooklyn, and why now? There’s no one answer. Rather, several interlocking factors have helped bring about the New Brooklyn: Inequality. To have $4,000-a-month rents, you need renters … Continue reading

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Technobrats And Monocausality

Before we get to the meat of the post, Steve Randy Waldman comes up with a humdinger of a quote, one I think I’ll be using often: Vox is a wonderful publication along many dimensions. One of its virtues is … Continue reading

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Doing Debates Like It’s 1999

Apparently, I’m not the only one who noticed this about the vice presidential debates (boldface mine): Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate felt, as Ezra Klein noted on Twitter, as if it “fell out of a time warp.” Moderator Elaine Quijano spent … Continue reading

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Democrats Need To Emphasize A Higher Minimum Wage To Get The Last Bloc Of ‘Open Voters’

Democrats are squandering a potential electoral gold mine–and one that could pay out for decades (boldface mine): Her answer, while accurate, was unintentionally revealing. When Clinton talks about millennials, she tends to use the word interchangeably with “college students.” But … Continue reading

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The Congressional Retirement Plan™ Meets The TPP

Long before the cool kids were doing it, I described the de facto Congressional Retirement Plan™ (boldface added): …it’s not about the campaign contributions. If their reluctance to support a public option were based solely on the electoral calculus of … Continue reading

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Clearly, The Rothwell Paper Indicates That There Is A Genetic Basis For White Trump Support

And I mean that as seriously as when I argued that Massachusetts whites were genetically superior to Alabaman whites–which is to say, not all. But I’m getting ahead of myself. One of the more frustrating things of this election cycle … Continue reading

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