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Saturday Sermon: On the Harms of Rising Income Inequality

“The rich, after all, already have most of what they want.”
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Maricopa, AZ, and the Definition of Big Sh-tpile

Housing prices down 50-80%.
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Jindal Is Smart? Really?

LA Gov. Bobby Jindal is devaluing my college education and my biology degree: he’s an exorcist and a creationist. And conservative David Brooks is still an idiot.
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Wednesday Link Dump

Some wacky Wednesday links.
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CPAC, Creationists, and…Giraffes?

Cutting-edge creationism: exploding giraffe heads.
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Welcome to the Republican Circular Firing Squad?

Republicans are behaving like Democrats usually do.
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How Is Turning Away the Mentally Ill a Good Solution?

Playing politics with the mentally ill.
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Some Important Qualifiers About Health Effectiveness Research

We can look at clinical outcomes, but not costs.
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Sunday Links

It’s a rainy Sunday, so here are some links.
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How to Deal with Foreclosed Home Owners

Force banks to go to bankruptcy court and take a bath.
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