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What The Public Wants NASA To Do

This article is fascinating–and very surprising. I always thought manned missions where what people wanted and expected NASA to do. Wrong (boldface mine): However, a new survey of 2,541 Americans by Pew Research Center, which aims to represent the views … Continue reading

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Help NASA And The District Of Columbia

NASA is having a contest to name Kuiper Belt Object MU69. The official website of the D.C. Council came up with a great idea for a name–District of Columbia: District residents: Please join me in suggesting @NASA name unidentified space … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: The Mars Curiosity Edition

Ed at Gin and Tacos marvels that we were able to land machines that worked for six years on Mars using late 1960s technology: It’s great that people are interested in the space program and I’m sure the entire MSL … Continue reading

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Sequestration and Science Funding

I’ve written before about sequestration, the automatic cuts that the Republicans forced through during the debt ceiling hike fiasco (by the way, Republicans are now crapping their pants about sequestration since it’s not just targeting those people hitting programs they … Continue reading

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We Can Afford Rockets and Butter

I like science blogger Ethan Siegel: anyone who shaves his head for charity is a-ok in my book. But I have to disagree with the premise of his post “With All The Suffering in the World, Why Invest in Science? … Continue reading

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I, For One, Welcome Our Gammaproteobacterial Arsenic-Using Overlords: Why Old School Microbiology Still Matter

This paper demonstrates the need for culturing organisms. That’s something we should emphasize when we train students and post-docs.
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Could We Still Put a Man on the Moon?

We would have to do a lot of reverse engineering.
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The Stimulus: Better Than It Looked…

Could have been worse.
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It Looks Like Science Will Be Well Stimulated

Not too shabby.
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More Senator Nelson/Blue Dog Budget Insanity

A day later, and Senator Nelson is still a repulsive person.
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