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The Challenge to Evolution

The NY Times had a good story on the Dover, PA evolution issue on Sunday. It seems to me that there are three classes of ‘issues’ people have with evolutionary biology:

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Homework Assignment 1/11/05

Between being busy and trying to read Seymour Hersh’s Chain of Command, today won’t have much, so here’s some homework for you. The Washington Monthly has a great piece on just how crappy the Democratic political consultants are. Glad to … Continue reading

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More Evolution & Politics

There was a really good article about the Dover evolution controversy in Salon. Before I get to that, a colleague made a really good point today. He argued that the evolution controversy is being kept alive by Republican operatives who … Continue reading

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More Hyperventilating about Terrorism

Over at DailyKos, Frank Rich’s article about terrorism received a great deal of praise. Essentially, Rich argues that the administration should be less concerned with terrorism in Iraq and more about preventing terrorism here. I thought it was a stupid … Continue reading

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Affordable Housing: A Tale of Two (or Three) Cities

In a few days, I’m hopefully going to write a few pieces about education. It’s something I obviously care about as a college educator (the basic gist can sort of be found here). Until then, there will be some smaller … Continue reading

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Merit Pay for Teachers?

Over at the Washington Monthly, Kevin Drum is proposing that merit pay for teachers might improve educational outcomes. Nevermind that nobody enters teaching for the pay. Also, when I think about what’s wrong with education in this country, “no merit … Continue reading

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Tsunami Thoughts

NOAA has been faulted for failing to warn various countries about the impending tsunami. I’m not even going to try to pretend that this was NOAA’s finest hour. Essentially, the problem boils down to that NOAA has no “contacts in … Continue reading

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