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NSF-Funded Collections Aren’t Dead Yet

A couple of weeks ago, I described how NSF’s collections program was going to be cut–and why that would be a very stupid thing to do. Well, it looks like NSF has granted the program a reprieve (boldface mine): In … Continue reading

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Another Cost Of Insufficient Science Funding

In a story revolving around paleobiologist Hope Jahren’s need to acquire funding, Jahren makes a point you might have heard here once or twice: When we talk in this presidential campaign about “falling behind” in the race to produce scientists, … Continue reading

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Grants: Load, Deadlines, And Gamesmanship

The NSF conducted a very interesting experiment which halved the number of grant proposals (boldface mine): Annual or semiannual grant deadlines lead to enormous spikes in submissions, which in turn cause headaches for the program managers who have to organize … Continue reading

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We Need to Restore NSF’s Biological Collections Program

I’ve described many, many, many times how underfunded unglamorous, but vital scientific research infrastructure is: One of the ridiculous things about many depictions of science in TV and movies is the notion that there’s this huge infrastructure: shiny labs (which … Continue reading

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Subpoena Envy: Are GOP House Staffers Leaking Confidential Grant Proposal Reports?

In a Vox story about Republican investigations into NSF grants with funny titles (really, I’m not exaggerating), we come across this from a letter by a Democrat who thinks the investigating Republicans are suffering from subpoena envy (pdf; boldface mine): … Continue reading

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Surprisingly, A GOP Bill Claims One Thing and Then Does the Opposite: The COMPETES Act Edition

Consider the NSF is a government agency, this is pretty harsh language about the COMPETES Act (boldface mine; emphasis original): H.R. 1806 (Section 102) recognizes that “the Foundation has made major contributions for more than 60 years to strengthen and … Continue reading

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All of Open Access Publishing’s Gall Can Be Divided Into Three Parts

There has been a recent spate of discussion about open access publishing, much of which seems to ignore a key element, money. For publishing in general, there are three models*: 1) authors pay the costs of publishing, open access or … Continue reading

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