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WMATA/Metro Unveils New Plan To Win Back Riders

And it doesn’t suck. Here’s what Metro is proposing: Extended frequent service. Trains would run at rush hour frequencies (every eight minutes) until 10 am instead of 9:30 am. In the evening, trains would run rush hour service until 8:30 … Continue reading

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Paid Leave And D.C.’s Petite–And Petty–Bourgeoisie

So The Washington Post only endorsed Reeder for the At-Large Council position, citing opposition to Silverman on the basis of her support of D.C.’s paid family leave law. This should be expected for an editorial page run by Fred Hiatt … Continue reading

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D.C. Election Endorsements

Since early voting has started in D.C. (go here for more information), here are the Mad Biologist’s endorsements. As always, I don’t really expect my endorsements to influence anyone other than me. I’ve also stayed away from the eleventy gajillion … Continue reading

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“Metro Is A Public Service — Its Leaders Need To Run It Like One”

So says Greater Greater Washington, in pushing for riders (and others) to sign a petition echoing many of the themes I’ve written about D.C.’s public transportation system (boldface mine): Several members of Metro’s Board of Directors appear to have given … Continue reading

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Observed at the Wharf, SW, D.C.:

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Council Chairman Mendelson Is Still Being Disingenuous About Initiative 77

Tuesday, the D.C. Council passed the first vote to overturn the Initiative 77 referendum which would have raised the minimum wage for tipped workers to $15/hour by 2025. One of the supporters of Initiative 77, Council Member Elissa Silverman, proposed … Continue reading

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Millenials Are Killing Metro

Which means they’re upset about crappy service, just like everyone else (boldface mine): Just as a new Metro study points to poor service as the key cause of its faltering ridership, an outside analysis paints a profile of the commuters … Continue reading

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