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The Business Rents Are Too Damn High. What to Do?

As some asshole with a blog has noted many times, many cities are facing a real estate crisis that’s less heralded than their housing crises, but still important: the business rents are too damn high. Last week, D.C. held hearings … Continue reading

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D.C.’s Ersatz Surge in Reading Scores

With the release of the 2019 NAEP scores, D.C. has been all a tizzy about its seemingly good performance (SURGE!), as evinced by this Washington Post article. Unfortunately, the article is written very confusingly and mixes different types of data … Continue reading

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D.C. Council Chairman Wants Metro Board Members to Eat Their Own Dog Food

It’s pretty obvious if politicians and other officials used mass transit regularly, mass transit would be better: Not only are the D.C. Metro board members keeping quiet, but it would appear, based on their biographies, that most of them aren’t … Continue reading

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OpenStreetsDC and Safer Streets, the Dupont Circle Edition

Last weekend, D.C. shut down three miles of Georgia Avenue (over by Petworth) to turn it into a pedestrian-only street (bikes and scooters were allowed too). It was a great success (local businesses seemed to do well too), and Georgia … Continue reading

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The Business Rent Is Too Damn High: The Bike Store Edition

I know I hit this theme a lot, but an underemphasized problem many booming cities are facing is skyrocketing business rents. If residents want affordable prices, along with more interesting options–and those interesting options often not the businesses that make … Continue reading

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Observed on U Street NW, between 14th and 15th, U Street Corridor, D.C.:

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Observed on Sheridan Circle, Sheridan-Kalorama, D.C.:

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