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Were Gas Prices Intentionally Suppressed Before the 2006 Election?

Not that it seems to help. But, by way of, I came across this table which lists national weekly gas prices.
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A Potential Treatment For MRSA

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a major public health threat. Currently, there are only a few antibiotics that are effective against it, and resistance is even a problem with these antibiotics. There is a potential treatment that might be effective against MRSA: heteropolymer (HP) antibody therapy.
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The War on Science Continues

Bush is trying to do an end run around the newly elected Democratic Congress. Because we all know the American people spoke clearly in the last election, and they said, “We want to gut environmental and worker protection!”
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Here’s What an ID Curriculum Looks Like

I recently posted about creationists who want their ‘biology’ courses to be taken seriously by universities. Josh takes to task a libertarian who states “if we chose to mandate what is taught about human origins, and we are true democrats, we should mandate equal time for creationism and evolution.” So, I found on the internets a description of Biology for Christian Schools, a creationist textbook, written by the textbook’s authors.
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The Responsible Use of Antibiotics

I write often about irresponsible antibiotic use. But I want to make one thing clear: antibiotics are critical, life-saving and health-improving drugs. In the U.S., every year roughly two million people contract hospital-acquired infections (this ignores infections contracted outside the hospital). Roughly 96% don’t die. Antibiotics are a major reason, if not the major reason, for why the mortality rate is so low. I’m pointing out the obvious because of an email I received.
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Some Sunday Links

Here are some weekend links for you. First, lotsa science:
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Sunday Sermon: The Unbeliever and Christians

Here’s an excerpt from an essay by Albert Camus “The Unbeliever and Christians.” I think it’s an interesting humanist perspective on religion.
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Religious Views Have (and Should Have) Consequences

Sara Robinson raises an interesting solution to “end the Intelligent Design fiasco”, one that has been discussed here at ScienceBlogs before. Her suggestion is to have universities declare: “Teach what you like, it’s all fine with us. But if you put ID in your science courses, we will not accept those courses as adequate for admission to our campus.”
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Why the Healthcare ‘Debate’ Is So Frustrating

Because a good healthcare system isn’t like the Manhattan Project or putting a man on the moon.
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Our Country Is Run By a Keyser Soze Wannabe

The Peter Pan syndrome is in full effect at the White House. After meeting with George Bush, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the meeting.
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