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Internalizing The Cost Of Roads

Recently, Virginia opened a single-passenger occupancy lane on a highway that, during rush hour, is carpool only (I-66). The catch? It’s tolled, and it’s expensive: up to $40 for a ten mile drive (the price is dynamically adjusted every six … Continue reading

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How To Improve WMATA’s Service And Why That Matters

I write about D.C.’s Metro (run by the WMATA) not only because it affects me, but because it’s important for mass transit nationally: Like it or not, D.C.’s failures of governance, including Metro, affect everyone. D.C. is full of people … Continue reading

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Never Read The Comments When It Comes To Transportation

And I broke the rule. Last week, I tweeted a picture of a protest, which was picked up by D.C. blog PoPville: The protestors were chanting, “Fuck it. Make it fair. Fix it”, and calling for a flat Metro fair. … Continue reading

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A Possible Reason Why Building Infrastructure Is So Expensive In The U.S.

In a sort of throwaway line about Whitefish Energy–the very small Montanan electrical utility that has been tapped to rebuild much of Puerto Rico’s electrical infrastructure, Charles Pierce makes a critical observation (boldface mine): In addition, if you’re looking for … Continue reading

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Metro’s Problems Will Not Be Solved With Less Democracy

While there are issues with the WMATA board, Roy LaHood‘s and Maryland Governor Paul Hogan’s joint offensive to remove elected officials from the WMATA board is really stupid. Not only will that not do much to solve the non-existent problem … Continue reading

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What Hogan Taketh Away, He Returneth

In today’s installment of our semi-regular series, “How are area politicians fucking up the D.C. Metro system this week?”, we find that Maryland’s Republican governor, Paul Hogan, after privately going so far as to argue that one line of the … Continue reading

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Why Blue States Need To Stop Electing Red Governors: The Metro Edition

Someone leaked a private, off-the-record discussion about funding the D.C. Metro, and it doesn’t make Maryland Governor Paul Hogan look good (boldface mine): Contrary to the public display of goodwill for the media after a closed-door meeting last week, the … Continue reading

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