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Too Much Parking

As cities are being recapitalized, albeit by private sources which brings its own problems, land is at a premium. A recent study estimates how many parking spaces five cities, New York, Seattle, Des Moines, Jackson (WY), and Philadelphia, have. It’s … Continue reading

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You Are The Traffic: The Metro Repair Edition

One maxim transportation engineers always quote is “You are the traffic” (the good ones anyway). The D.C. area, thanks to the never-ending clusterfuck that is de facto SafeTrack, provides a natural experiment in just how important mass transit is, even … Continue reading

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Of Course, Until We Can Guarantee Complete Safety, We Will Limit I-66 To One Lane And 25mph

This happened (boldface mine): The suspect who authorities are still looking for after leading a Secret Service uniformed division officer on a wrong-way car chase in D.C. and I-66 in Northern Virginia before crashing into another vehicle has been identified. … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal: We Should Shut Down The Entire Capital Beltway

This was a recent news item (boldface mine): If you felt like traffic around the D.C. area was particularly awful Wednesday, it really was: The effects of a fatal crash on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge rippled throughout the Capital Beltway. … Continue reading

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How City Streets Used To Work

It really wasn’t until the 1930s when city streets became the sole domain of cars: before then, people walked across city streets however they liked (though there was the risk of horse shit). I’ve wondered what it would be like … Continue reading

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Transportation, Geometry, And Hyperloops

The basic problem that self-driving cars can’t solve is geometry: you simply can’t fit that many cars into certain spaces. For example, replacing D.C’s Metro with cars (or even buses) would make the Farragut Square area utterly inaccessible. David Dayen … Continue reading

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The Washington Examiner Editorial Board Doesn’t Understand Mass Transit Or Geometry

Over the weekend, the rightwing rag, The Washington Examiner, revealed that it doesn’t understand either mass transit or geometry (boldface mine): What would you do if you controlled an unpopular, unreliable public service that was being displaced by the private … Continue reading

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