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AI, Go, and Self-Driving Cars

I came across this thread which lays out pretty clearly (with .gifs!) an argument against self-driving cars. Put simply: will that car pull out? does the driver see me? is that pedestrian going to cross? is it a child or … Continue reading

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Two Prosaic Reasons for Small(er) Protests in the U.S.: Transit and Geography

With the inspiring protests in Hong Kong, there has been the occasional remark along the lines of ‘why aren’t there larger protests’, especially in D.C. While there are lots of reasons, there are two rather boring, yet important, ones, as … Continue reading

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The Failure of Governance: The Dupont Circle Station Edition

In a bit, I’m going to dive into some specifics, but there’s a general problem in much of the U.S., which is that governance, on the whole, is not very good. Basically, we have two choices: Republicans who don’t believe … Continue reading

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Urban Businesses and Parking

Too often, when people propose removing parking spaces in cities, often to add infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, businesses will argue that losing that parking costs them customers. Well, thanks to a months long shutdown of multiple stations along D.C.’s … Continue reading

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You Are the Traffic: The Boston Red Line Breakdown Edition

Recently, in an effort to make D.C.’s WMATA feel good about itself, Boston’s T, specifically the Red Line, was pretty much broken due to a derailed train that wiped out much of the signaling infrastructure. As with so many unplanned … Continue reading

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Mass Transit Is Not Pity Charity

It’s the only way cities can work. Last week, Montgomery County officials (Maryland) spent a week using mass transit instead of driving. That’s a good start, but, if they were to use for months, they would probably get a better … Continue reading

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Libertarians Still Don’t Understand Geometry

At least when it comes to transportation. Over at Reason, there is a pean to privatized transportation (boldface mine): An article in last week’s New York Times joins others in asking us to sympathize with the beleaguered transit industry, whose … Continue reading

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