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Why I Am Pessimistic About Global Warming Progress

Maybe it’s the jumping forward due to Daylight Saving Time still kicking in, but the problem in combating global warming is that the ‘zipless fuck’ solutions aren’t enough. Weatherizing your house and driving an electric vehicle aren’t enough. We’ll outsource … Continue reading

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Mass Transit And A Failure Of Governance

I’ve written many times about how the failure of mass transit in the U.S. represents a failure of governance. Jacob Abinder makes that very clear (boldface mine): These criticisms are not wrong, per se, but they overlook a more fundamental … Continue reading

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My Lonely Quest For Good Weekend Metro Service Continues

While the powers that be in the D.C. area are fighting over late-night Metro rail service, it’s still worth noting, once again, that Metro weekend daytime service is still sucky. While I appreciate the importance and decent impulse behind keeping … Continue reading

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When Nice Things Do Cost Too Much

Jacob Bacharach makes an excellent observation about the cost of building mass transit (boldface mine): Hidden within all this no-nice-things nose-thumbing is a legitimate problem, however. Railroads that cost as much per mile as the entire annual operating budget of … Continue reading

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Privatization Ideologues Are Harming D.C.’s Metro

Even as the District leadership still isn’t getting mass transit. But we’ll get to that in a bit. A while back, some asshole with a blog noted this about the WMATA Metro board: But we shouldn’t discount the role ideology … Continue reading

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Yet That Doesn’t Explain Why Weekend Service Sucks

We read that WMATA (D.C.’s Metro) head Paul Wiedefeld said this about Metro’s lack of late night servicer out loud, to other people (boldface mine): We have to put it in perspective in terms of the volumes of people we … Continue reading

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DC Leadership Still Does Not Understand Mass Transit

And to be clear, I don’t mean Wor-Shing-Tun, but the District of Columbia. Last week, D.C.’s Mayor Bowser started a petition to demand that D.C. Metro reinstate late night service (the petition is here). What this demonstrates, once again, is … Continue reading

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