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The Last Thing Metro Needs Is Privatization

Once again, we see the complete lack of political oversight–which is to say, failure by D.C. area politicians–on the Metro system. This time, it’s privatization (boldface mine): Metro needs to be fixed fast — daily ridership is plummeting, contributing to a projected … Continue reading

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WMATA/Metro’s Worst Idea Yet

I believe this could lead to violence (boldface mine): …at two downtown stations, Metro is literally adding music to the mix. At Gallery Place-Chinatown and Judiciary Square, an “easy listening” playlist selected by Metro staff is being pumped into the … Continue reading

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If Scanning Bags Poorly Were An Actual Security Risk…

…then wouldn’t we place security over profit (boldface mine): Bottles, cans, paper: [DHS Secretary John] Kelly also noted that people are carrying more onto planes now to avoid checked-bag fees, and it’s creating problems for TSA. “They can’t tell what’s … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Trust WMATA/Metro

And it’s not due to overblown fears about safety. Instead, this is the reason (boldface mine): WMATA claims that reduced hours are necessary to properly maintain the system, but most other cities’ rapid transit systems manage with longer operating hours … Continue reading

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DC Metro Has Learned Absolutely Nothing: Thoughts On Their ‘No-Tracking’ Response

Last night, the D.C. Metro’s Red Line had massive rush hour delays due to a “small fire” at the Gallery Place station. For me, a 25 minute commute turned into a 105 minute one. I do realize that things break … Continue reading

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Senate Democrats Propose Good Infrastructure Bill, But Here’s How You Sell It

So the Democrats recently proposed a good infrastructure bill. Here are some of the highlights (boldface mine): On Tuesday, Democrats led by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) unveiled a proposal to spend $1 trillion over the next 10 years to repair … Continue reading

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This Metro Problem Has Nothing To Do With ‘Unions’

And everything to do with managers. While it’s almost always a bad idea to read the comment sections of local news blog, when I foolishly do read them about Metro, inevitably the idea that Metro employees are paid too much … Continue reading

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