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Democrats Need to Help Mass Transit

Because, for once, they should deliver the boodle to their strongholds instead of the denizens of Midwestern diners. D.C.’s Metro, like many systems, is reducing service due to massive decreases in ridership–eighty five percent. This is blowing a $52 million … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal to Reduce Unpaid Parking Tickets: The D.C. Edition

A while ago, Metro released a report stating that it fails to collect about $40 million per year in bus fares (it later turned out that a significant chunk of that money was students being recorded by drivers as not … Continue reading

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Metro Is Good for Business–When It Runs

One of the things I’ve noticed having returned to D.C. is that, since the never-ending SafeTrack repairs–which means unreliable weekend service, Dupont Circle is incredibly congested with traffic on the weekend evenings. It’s especially bad near the actual circle. That … Continue reading

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If We Still Had a Streetcar System in D.C.

With the reported, though expected demise of the Georgetown (D.C.) streetcar, it’s worth looking at what the streetcar system used to look like: I realize there’s a long history behind why D.C. abandoned its streetcar system–and that history occurred before … Continue reading

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We Focus on Housing Costs, but Ignore Transportation Costs

And when you include transportation costs, suddenly those low-cost areas aren’t so low-cost anymore. At all. Many moons ago, some asshole with a blog noted: Even though I want to deport everyone to urban hellholes think urbanization is a good … Continue reading

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The Green New Deal Is Not the Radical Position, It Is the Compromise Position

With several Democratic presidential candidates, along with numerous other Democratic politicians, calling for a Green New Deal, it goes without saying that the Green New Deal has been called radical. But the Green New Deal isn’t radical, it’s the compromise … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Optimistic About Global Warming

Ultimately, if we want to seriously combat global warming–not just slow it slightly, but seriously get at the problem–then we need to alter how we live in very fundamental ways, as this piece about Boulder, Colorado illustrates (boldface mine): Low-density … Continue reading

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We Want a “Redundant” Bus System

While we don’t want empty ghost buses driving around D.C., it’s worth remembering that efficiency should not be the ultimate goal of mass transit: Let’s look at two equally ridiculous scenarios. First, we have a bus route that’s used by … Continue reading

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D.C. Council Chairman Wants Metro Board Members to Eat Their Own Dog Food

It’s pretty obvious if politicians and other officials used mass transit regularly, mass transit would be better: Not only are the D.C. Metro board members keeping quiet, but it would appear, based on their biographies, that most of them aren’t … Continue reading

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OpenStreetsDC and Safer Streets, the Dupont Circle Edition

Last weekend, D.C. shut down three miles of Georgia Avenue (over by Petworth) to turn it into a pedestrian-only street (bikes and scooters were allowed too). It was a great success (local businesses seemed to do well too), and Georgia … Continue reading

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