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The Washington Examiner Editorial Board Doesn’t Understand Mass Transit Or Geometry

Over the weekend, the rightwing rag, The Washington Examiner, revealed that it doesn’t understand either mass transit or geometry (boldface mine): What would you do if you controlled an unpopular, unreliable public service that was being displaced by the private … Continue reading

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Will Self-Driving Cars Have Less Than 1,000 Accidents Per Year?

This week, the self-driving car contingent has rallied, this time behind the argument that driverless cars will be safer than what we currently have. The event that kicked this off was a self-driving car that killed a pedestrian in Arizona. … Continue reading

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Democrats Unveil A Good Infrastructure Plan

And they didn’t half-ass it either (boldface mine): The proposal unveiled by Democratic leaders Wednesday would plow just over $1 trillion into a wide range of infrastructure needs, including $140 billion for roads and bridges, $115 billion for water and … Continue reading

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Since 2009, Weekend Metro Travel Has Dropped 26 Percent

One theme we often return to here is that a mass transit system can’t be successful if it’s only used an alternative commuter route. The system needs off-hour and weekend use. Not only does that help pay the bills, but … Continue reading

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Geometry And Ride-Sharing

And by ‘ride-sharing’, I mean another form of taxis, but with a shiny app and no medallions. This isn’t good news from Boston (boldface mine): Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft are exacerbating rush-hour traffic jams in Boston, according to … Continue reading

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D.C. Metrorail Ridership Is Plunging

A comparison of ridership on the D.C. Metro between October 2014 and October 2016 is ugly (boldface mine): You’ll notice D.C. Metro is at the bottom. When I broke it out by region, there was really no difference: across the … Continue reading

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Self-Driving Cars, Geometry, And Priority

Oh my. There’s an excellent interview with Jarrett Walker about mass transit and self-driving cars. While there’s a lot in there, he notes that geography is really crucial (boldface mine): But we now have enough experience to know what we … Continue reading

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