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Oddly Enough, Bad Service Leads To Less Mass Transit Use

While the Washington Post seems to harp on the payment of $460,000 to consultants to point out the obvious*, those involved with the governance of Metro (such as it is), D.C.’s mass transit, might actually be getting it (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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In Houston, You Are Far More Likely To Be Killed By A Car Than A Person

This is true nationwide as well, but I digress. The Houston Chronicle observes (boldface mine): We drive past the crashes, numbed to their frequency, by how they add up. But they do: 640 people a year die on Houston-area roads, … Continue reading

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U.S. Mass Transit Needs To Stop Focusing Only On Commuting

Obviously, a fair amount of traveling in the U.S. involves the daily work commute. But U.S. mass transit, in city after city, focuses too much on commuting. This is the end result (boldface mine): One hundred years ago, the United … Continue reading

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Cherry Picking And The Problem With Urban Scooters

Recently, there has been a bunch of articles about the phenomenon of urban, for-rent scooters, such as Bird. While most of the stories have taken the ‘slow down you damn kids!’ approach, there is a real problem that scooters cause. … Continue reading

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The Sum Of All Inchoate Fears: The Mass Transit Edition

Whenever well-off and/or well-educated people get snooty about how their lessers are ignorant, it’s always worth remembering that there are plenty of instances where the Good People happen to Know Things That Are Not True™. One example is the notion … Continue reading

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Bad Service Leads To Low Ridership: The Orange Line Edition

It’s pretty clear that D.C. Metro’s horrible weekend service has led to a massive decline in weekend ridership–and it accounts for a disproportionate amount of the total loss in riders since the beginning of SafeTrack, WMATA’s attempt to repair the … Continue reading

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Too Much Parking

As cities are being recapitalized, albeit by private sources which brings its own problems, land is at a premium. A recent study estimates how many parking spaces five cities, New York, Seattle, Des Moines, Jackson (WY), and Philadelphia, have. It’s … Continue reading

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