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More Metro Failure

Good thing it will be 100˚F on Monday: When will chilled air flow in Metro’s Dupont Circle and Farragut North stations? Not any time soon, it seems. That’s because the transit agency has again pushed back repairs of the “chillers” … Continue reading

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GM Wiedefeld’s Credibility Just Took A Hit

Not promising. And not cool. Last year, the cooling system in the Dupont Circle Metro station broke, and I noted that the response was, well, questionable: …part of me thinks August 1st is the ‘date’ equivalent of a base ten … Continue reading

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Yes, Homes Near Mass Transit Are More Expensive. And You Still End Up Ahead

Never underestimate the stupidity of your local radio talk show host. And we’re live from Seattle (boldface mine): KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson is taking a moment to say “I told you so.” The Seattle Times reports that properties near many … Continue reading

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Privatization of the D.C. Metro Is Not The Answer

What with all of the problems D.C.’s Metro transit system is facing, this stupid idea is not helping (boldface mine): Metro faces an $18 billion capital deficit over the next 10 years, news that shook regional lawmakers and prompted one … Continue reading

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The Exburb Implosion And The Hidden Cost of Transportation

While people often focus on the cost of housing, it’s important to realize that the costs of transportation also need to be considered. As I noted a few years ago, when you include transportation costs into the ‘cost of housing’, … Continue reading

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Of Course Metro Didn’t Meet A Deadline

Given that the Metro GM has proposed a whole series of rolling shutdowns and single-track period, I’m not filled with confidence when I read that the repairs to the cooling system for the Dupont Circle and Farragut North stations have … Continue reading

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Suburban Cars And Urban Health

One of the differences I’ve noticed between Boston and D.C. is the apparent air quality–there are days in D.C. when you can really feel the air pollution. On those days, I love single car commuters all that much more (can … Continue reading

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