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DC Metro Has Learned Absolutely Nothing: Thoughts On Their ‘No-Tracking’ Response

Last night, the D.C. Metro’s Red Line had massive rush hour delays due to a “small fire” at the Gallery Place station. For me, a 25 minute commute turned into a 105 minute one. I do realize that things break … Continue reading

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Senate Democrats Propose Good Infrastructure Bill, But Here’s How You Sell It

So the Democrats recently proposed a good infrastructure bill. Here are some of the highlights (boldface mine): On Tuesday, Democrats led by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) unveiled a proposal to spend $1 trillion over the next 10 years to repair … Continue reading

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This Metro Problem Has Nothing To Do With ‘Unions’

And everything to do with managers. While it’s almost always a bad idea to read the comment sections of local news blog, when I foolishly do read them about Metro, inevitably the idea that Metro employees are paid too much … Continue reading

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Disturbing, if true!

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Metro: What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Since Saturday is Unofficial Rant About the D.C. Metro day, we bring you this heartwarming tale about Metro’s spectacular performance. HA! We make the funny (boldface mine): It was May 6. More than 100 Metro track workers and inspectors gathered … Continue reading

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Speed Kills

And I’m not talking about meth. Edward Humes has some pretty radical ideas for dealing with the U.S.’s out-of-control vehicle killings (boldface mine): In terms of public health, the National Safety Council’s data on car crashes showed that in 2015, … Continue reading

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The Failure Of Governance Of D.C.’s Metro Rolls On

Once again, D.C. Metro is facing a failure of governance–and it’s not just Metro’s management, but the unwillingness of regional politicians to spend the needed money on the system. As a consequence, Metro, rather than transforming itself into a mass … Continue reading

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