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A General Lesson From A Street In D.C.’s Adams-Morgan

A few weeks, there was a really awful car-pedestrian collision in Adams-Morgan, D.C. As a result, there have been calls to close part of 18th Street NW to through traffic (boldface mine): In early June, a motorist on 18th Street … Continue reading

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Will Electric Cars Be The Way We Destroy The Walkability Of Cities For The 21st Century?

It sure looks that way (boldface mine): Automakers and tech companies are pushing a bill through Congress that would handcuff local governments’ ability to regulate self-driving vehicles on city streets. Now city transportation officials are demanding a role in drafting … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Public-Private Partnerships, Follow The Smart Money

Investor Jim Chanos on Il Trumpe’s infrastructure proposals (boldface mine): It’s going to be public-private partnerships. I have a long experience with those: I was short Macquarie Bank, which was the originator of these sorts of things in ’05-’06. Macquarie … Continue reading

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D.C. Metro’s Reliability Is The Issue

When the New York Times covers the far flung hinterlands–places like Philly, Boston, or D.C.–too often much hilarity ensues (Maureen Dowd’s referring to South Bostonians as “Southies” comes to mind). That said, this NYT article about the D.C. Metro’s woes … Continue reading

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The Press Corps And Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Like Mass Transit)

Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung writes (boldface mine): By now, you must have read that The Boston Globe has moved downtown from our longtime home in Dorchester, where most employees drove to work and enjoyed free parking. No such perk … Continue reading

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The Last Thing Metro Needs Is Privatization

Once again, we see the complete lack of political oversight–which is to say, failure by D.C. area politicians–on the Metro system. This time, it’s privatization (boldface mine): Metro needs to be fixed fast — daily ridership is plummeting, contributing to a projected … Continue reading

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WMATA/Metro’s Worst Idea Yet

I believe this could lead to violence (boldface mine): …at two downtown stations, Metro is literally adding music to the mix. At Gallery Place-Chinatown and Judiciary Square, an “easy listening” playlist selected by Metro staff is being pumped into the … Continue reading

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