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Links 5/31/14

Links for you. Science: Modernized Space Camp Allows Kids To Simulate Frustration Over Lack Of Funding The Silence of the Crickets, The Silence of the Crickets Who’s Ready to Be a Cyborg? (already is here; it’s called an insulin pump) … Continue reading

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Saturday Sermon: Our Internal War Machine

Outsourced to Charles Pierce (boldface mine): This is a country now at war with itself. This is a phrase that is generally tossed about when political debate gets too heated. It was popular to say it back in the 1960s, … Continue reading

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Solving Homelessness Isn’t Hard, But Feeling Good About Ourselves While Doing So Is

A while ago, I noted that ending poverty isn’t that hard to do, but we get hung up on pseudo-moral issues that prevent us from doing so. Over at Digby’s joint, thereisnospoon makes a similar point about homelessness and housing … Continue reading

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Links 5/30/14

Links for you. Science: In conversation with… Françoise Barré-Sinoussi: Patrick Strudwick talks to Françoise Barré-Sinoussi about how she identified HIV as the cause of AIDS, her receipt of the Nobel Prize, and the latest efforts to prevent, treat and manage … Continue reading

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Shanghai to Abandon PISA Evaluation

Despite Shanghai scoring the highest on the PISA exams, one of the tests that allow an international comparison of academic performance, Shanghai will cease to take these tests (boldface mine): “Not interested in #1 on International Tests, Focusing on Reducing … Continue reading

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Links 5/29/14

Links for you. Science: Testing Vaccines On Captive Chimps To Protect Wild Chimps—Is It Worth It? Democrats Push to Restart CDC Funding for Gun Violence Research: New legislation would increase CDC funding for gun violence research from zero dollars to … Continue reading

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One Quick Thought About “Teacher Quality”: What Do Want Teachers to Do?

Just to follow up on yesterday’s post about teacher quality, it’s worth noting that the commonly measured attributes of teacher performance–how students do on subject matter tests–are not correlated with quality of life outcomes (e.g., earnings, etc.). Teachers also seem … Continue reading

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Once Again, the Second Amendment Was Never About National Defense

We read that, in Nebraska, the Ammosexual Right group Nebraska Open Carry was refused service at a restaurant. In support, Nebraskans Against Gun Violence issued the following statement (boldface mine): “The evidence is quite clear that guns in public in … Continue reading

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Links 5/28/14

Links for you. Science: Psychology’s real replication problem: our Methods sections The Science of the One-Inch Punch: Physiology and neuroscience combine to explain Bruce Lee’s master move. What is principal component analysis? (interesting, not sure I agree, but good discussion … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Make Me a Sandwich While You’re At It

It’s not too much trouble, is it?: I have this vision of him reading a post, stumbling across TEH FEMINISMZ!!! and then staggering around the room screaming, “My eyes! My eyes!” Lo, there are assholes, and they walk among us.

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