Links 5/29/14

Links for you. Science:

Testing Vaccines On Captive Chimps To Protect Wild Chimps—Is It Worth It?
Democrats Push to Restart CDC Funding for Gun Violence Research: New legislation would increase CDC funding for gun violence research from zero dollars to $10 million. The NRA calls the push “unethical” and an “abuse of taxpayer funds.”
A Disaster for European Science: Right-wing, anti-European Union parties could fracture collaborations.
Something Is Seriously Wrong on the East Coast—and It’s Killing All the Baby Puffins


Amazon: malignant monopoly, or just plain evil?
Dr. Helen of PJ Media tries to blame feminists for Elliot Rodger’s rampage. So why did she once glorify an MRA much like Rodger?
Prioritizing Personalities Over a Free Press
The War Nerd: Iran is building a “fake” aircraft carrier? How can you tell?
Anger, Confusion Reported Amidst Release of APS Teacher Evaluations
Male Entitlement Is a Deadly Drug
The Washington Post’s ‘Fear-Driven Approach’ to NSA Files Infuriated Snowden
Want to End Secret Wait Lists? Staff the VA
A Memorial Day Question: Has Military Cause Marketing Gone Too Far?
Obama has the wrong answer to student loan crisis
When Intellectuals Go to War
Policy, not capitalism, is to blame for the income divide
12% Of Women Graduating From Harvard This Year Say They Were Sexually Assaulted While In School
Could This Lawsuit Ignite A Solution To Climate Change?
Why a more liberal Democratic Party would help both Democrats and Republicans: Time to free up some policy space for non-nutty conservatives
Teenagers Are No Longer the Scary Delinquents of 30 Years Ago

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  1. Robert L Bell says:

    Harvard is about Money and Power, with a little scholarship getting done along way as if by accident, and the place is filled with made men who are accustomed to taking what they want. The real surprise is that the percentage of sexually assaulted women in that hellhole could be as low as twelve. I would have said much higher, if they had asked me.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Police: 3-year-old shot, killed younger brother

    Arm the playgrounds: the only way to stop a bad toddler with a gun is with a good toddler with a gun.

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