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Links 6/30/17

Links for you. Science: Opioids could kill nearly 500,000 Americans in the next decade House Republicans backed this biotech — and lost big. Its stock is now worth 4 cents a share E.P.A. Official Pressured Scientist on Congressional Testimony, Emails … Continue reading

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D.C. Metro’s Reliability Is The Issue

When the New York Times covers the far flung hinterlands–places like Philly, Boston, or D.C.–too often much hilarity ensues (Maureen Dowd’s referring to South Bostonians as “Southies” comes to mind). That said, this NYT article about the D.C. Metro’s woes … Continue reading

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Links 6/29/17

Links for you. Science: Meet The People Doing Poop Transplants The Government Doesn’t Want Them To What Happens to Wolves When They’re Raised Like Dogs? Mountain Lions Are Terrified of Humans—and That’s a Problem The Solution for Skin Ailments Could … Continue reading

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Mr. Brightside

This has been cracking me up all week. Enjoy:

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The Oceans Might Not Be Suffering A Mass Extinction But The Carnage Is Awful

Before I get to the oceans, I’ll describe something that Boston builds every year on the Boston Common: a fishweir. A fishweir is a fence used to catch fish. Believe it or not, it used to work: During the excavation … Continue reading

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Links 6/28/17

Links for you. Science: Reminder: Wave Pools Are Filthy Pits of Despair Men Can Be So Hormonal Poop doping: No, elite athletes can’t improve performance by optimizing gut bacteria Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science? … Continue reading

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One Simple Number To Remember About Republicans And Healthcare

The number is ninety. Even if enough Republicans eventually join with Democrats to stop the Republican healthcare tax cuts for the wealthy plan, it still means that at least ninety percent of Republican senators want to needlessly kill thousands of … Continue reading

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Maybe We Need To Remind Patients That Antibiotics Are Chemotherapy

After all, two of the leading journals about antibiotic resistance do have chemotherapy in the title. One reason, I think, many people who try to get antibiotics from their doctors for problems that don’t call for an antibiotic is the … Continue reading

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Links 6/27/17

Links for you. Science: What Makes Trumpcare So Dangerous for Kids: By slashing support for children’s immunizations, the only thing the White House would make great again are the diseases that used to kill millions of kids Inside the Environmental … Continue reading

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The Republican Healthcare Catastrophe Isn’t A Done Deal

Since I live in the mainland colony (aka ‘D.C.’), and therefore lack meaningful Congressional representation, I would greatly appreciate it if you were to contact your Senator and tell them to oppose the AHCA. Even if they plan on opposing … Continue reading

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