One Simple Number To Remember About Republicans And Healthcare

The number is ninety.

Even if enough Republicans eventually join with Democrats to stop the Republican healthcare tax cuts for the wealthy plan, it still means that at least ninety percent of Republican senators want to needlessly kill thousands of Americans every year, so the wealthiest among us can get a tax cut.

They are who we Dirty Fucking Hippies said they were. Never forget that.

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2 Responses to One Simple Number To Remember About Republicans And Healthcare

  1. jo(e) says:

    It’s horrifying.

  2. Art says:

    For me the most galling aspect of the GOP stance, beside the fact that the people screaming about being ‘independent’ are grabbing the ankles for the pleasure of a very small number of very wealthy people, is that they are very sure, clear, and vocal that what they are doing is going to be beneficial for the working class and poor. By their calculations we in the underclasses are going to end up poorer, sicker, possibly dead, but generally much happier and content.

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