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Links 11/30/11

Links for you. Science: The dwindling American science majors (provocative; worth reading) Not All Attrition Is Bad Disruptions: Fliers Must Turn Off Devices, but It’s Not Clear Why NIH Alumni: Where are they now? Profile 6 – Science Policy Analyst … Continue reading

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Racial Differences in IQ Only Manifest at Age 2

Once again, the IQ race wars have flared up again (here, here, here, here, and here). I’ve never been a big fan of IQ except to identify people who are very smart or very dim–which were the original purposes of … Continue reading

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Links 11/29/11

Links for you. Science: Big Apple Genomics More kids skip school shots in 8 states Conservative Moral Judgments and “Dark Triad” Personality Traits? (while there are significant effects, the strength of the effect isn’t that large; paper here) Superlouse: What … Continue reading

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The Con Keeps Rolling On: The Share Buyback Edition

As Comrade Driftglass likes to say, “There is a club and you’re not in it.” From the NY Times comes this heart-warming tale of how CEOs are using their companies’ gargantuan cash reserves (cash holdings by corporations are at a … Continue reading

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Links 11/28/11

Links for you. Science: China to Cancel College Majors That Don’t Pay (biology is apparently on the hit list) The Origins of Inequality Immunise or lose benefits, parents told Humanizing Bioinformatics Other: A Rant About Whoever Changes MY Computer Stuff … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Cut Our Way to Prosperity: It’s the Algebra, Stupid

I’ve made this point many times before, but there is a very simple relationship that seems to be utterly ignored by our political betters: the government deficit equals the trade deficit plus net private savings. But don’t believe me, listen … Continue reading

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Links 11/27/11

Links for you. Science: AAA 2011: Gillian Tett: How anthropologists can contribute to economic policy debates Becoming Lichenized Speaking ill of the dead Man-made super-flu could kill half humanity (the title is overblown but there is a serious issue involved) … Continue reading

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U.S. Teens Are Very Bad at Having Sex

I don’t mean if they enjoy it or not, but avoiding the consequences. By way of Dana Goldstein, we find this chart illustrating the teen pregnancy rate of various countries: Goldstein: We can only gesture toward the myriad factors causing … Continue reading

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Links 11/26/11

Links for you. Science: The Gene That’s “For” Nothing Wolves were domesticated in southeast Asia Deep sea fishing for tuna began 42,000 years ago What does the US budget stalemate mean for research? Other: What Does it Mean to Do … Continue reading

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A Simple and Boring Connection Between Antibiotics and Obesity, Diabetes, and Stroke

While I’m loath to disagree with Maryn McKenna (aka Scary Disease Lady), I think both she and Ramanan Laxminarayan are overthinking the correlation between regions in the U.S. with poor health (high rates of diabetes, stroke, and obesity) and antibiotic … Continue reading

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