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D.C. Has Boot Scrapers

No, I’m not referring to Trump administration spokesmen. As I noted a while ago, many older houses in Boston have maintained their boot scrapers: Back in the days of yore, when streets were covered with ‘mud’ (a euphemism for a … Continue reading

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The Press Corps And Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Like Mass Transit)

Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung writes (boldface mine): By now, you must have read that The Boston Globe has moved downtown from our longtime home in Dorchester, where most employees drove to work and enjoyed free parking. No such perk … Continue reading

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Education Reform As A Distraction

From a Massachusetts activist who successfully opposed the pro-charter referendum Question 2 (boldface mine): For a short while in Boston last night, we were ecstatic. We beat the privatizers on Question 2, and we beat them across the state, with … Continue reading

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Yes, New Construction Can Raise Housing Prices (And Rents)

What triggered this post was a tweet by Noah Smith: Yesterday I talked to two SF progressives who are absolutely convinced that building more houses raises rents. Amazing. — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) August 21, 2016 And another one by Brendan … Continue reading

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Cutler Majestic

The Cutler Majestic Theater, Tremont St., between Boylston and Stuart, Theater District, Boston:

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Old Stomping Grounds

As I mentioned earlier this week, I returned to Boston for a conference. Some pictures from my old stomping grounds (which might be familiar to long-time readers). The Public Garden: Corner of Clarendon and Comm. Ave.: Fireman’s Memorial, Dartmouth and … Continue reading

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Mass Transit Helps Drivers: The Boston Edition

Or, as more than one transportation expert has put, “You’re not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic.” Yvonne Abraham (boldface mine): Take Monday’s news of an MBTA fare increase, an average rise of 9.3 percent — despite protests, and … Continue reading

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