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Links 5/31/16

Links for you. Science: Africa’s Yellow Fever Outbreak is a Glimpse of Our Connected Future What’s Killing the Bees The Death of a Study: A long-term study of childhood disease burned through $1.3 billion in taxpayer funds, only to be … Continue reading

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Dead End Graffiti

Observed on Corcoran Street NW, between 14th and 15th, Logan Circle, D.C.:

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The War On Science: The NFL Edition

Whenever you read about assaults on the scientific process, it’s safe to say you should always follow the money (boldface mine): The league’s conduct with the NIH was strikingly similar: a deficient and false process, with an attempt to strong-arm … Continue reading

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Links 5/30/16

Links for you. Science: Scientists Just Discovered Exactly What Air Pollution Does To Your Arteries A Shocking Find In a Neanderthal Cave In France To scope out Zika, Houston scientists set traps for mosquitoes Increasing postdoc pay The Ex-Anarchist Construction … Continue reading

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The New Atheism?

Interesting ad observed at the corner of 16th and R Streets NW, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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On Sacrifice

From a long, must-read essay by Ben Fountain (boldface mine): Is this the politics we deserve? “Stupidity is the American disease,” said Norman Mailer, though maybe it’s not so much stupidity as fantasy, a determinedly infantile notion of what it … Continue reading

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Links 5/29/16

Links for you. Science: I asked 8 researchers why the science of nutrition is so messy. Here’s what they said. Four wild technologies lawmakers want NASA to pursue Did the Solutreans settle America first? A controversial new archaeological theory says … Continue reading

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Democratic Platform Delegates And the Forgotten Art Of Negotation

As I’ve noted before, the idea that Democratic operatives might have to negotiate with the Left (as opposed to the Right, which is their usual modus operandi) seems to have made a few of them unhinged. When you read something … Continue reading

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Links 5/28/16

Links for you. Science: Memo to House Republicans: Zika Is Not a Game. The White House might not have to beg for so much emergency funding if America’s public-health infrastructure hadn’t already been starved by budget cuts. Creationist to biologist: … Continue reading

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Hospitals And Fixed Costs

One of my more widely read posts is one about the time I was charged $676 for a bag of saline when I went to the ER (even more astonishingly, the ciprofloxacin–which knocked down the infection–cost about $5). As I … Continue reading

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