Links 5/31/16

Links for you. Science:

Africa’s Yellow Fever Outbreak is a Glimpse of Our Connected Future
What’s Killing the Bees
The Death of a Study: A long-term study of childhood disease burned through $1.3 billion in taxpayer funds, only to be mothballed before it ever got off the ground. Why? (there needs to be a lot more reporting like this on how science works and is funded)
Watch Deadly Black Mamba Snakes Tie Each Other in Knots
Broken pottery reveals the sheer devastation caused by the Black Death


How the Bernie Sanders insurgency staved off a much bigger threat to the Democratic Party
At Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants, you’re being fed fiction
How the Hell We Got Here: Why the Democratic Party is Splitting
Jane Up North: How Jane Jacobs’s spirit lives on in Toronto
The Thinned Blue Line: It’s not just retirements that are diminishing the D.C. police force—more than ever, cops are just walking away
The Big Uneasy: What’s roiling the liberal-arts campus?
Sweden pays parents for having kids — and it reaps huge benefits. Why doesn’t the US?
Billy Mills: Let’s Give Bernie Sanders Our Vote (Sanders’ massive support among Native Americans has gone completely unremarked–though this probably doesn’t surprise Native Americans…)
The 7 Biggest Myths and Lies About Social Security
Neoliberalism’s Press Gangs: How Markets Raise Costs
We Can’t Be What We Can’t Imagine: Why Our Dystopian Obsession is Killing Our Future
Getting a photo ID so you can vote is easy. Unless you’re poor, black, Latino or elderly.
Transgender Group ‘Perplexed’ At Why Clinton Won’t Fill Out Questionnaire
Holy Sh*t Megan McArdle
Why the Very Poor Have Become Poorer
Leaked Questions Rekindle Debate Over Common Core Tests

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