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Links 12/31/18

Links for you. Science: Study reveals striking decline of Vermont’s bumble bees The Deep History of the Sea’s Bone-Eating Worms Flu vaccinations rise sharply in both children and adults Our new strain, nicknamed “malu” has a voracious appetite Winters are … Continue reading

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Democrats As The Mistress For Mean Old Republicans

Recently, Colin McAuliffe and Sean McElwee discussed whether areas that vote Republican receive more government assistance and concluded: There is no doubt that there is a sizeable number of people who rely on government transfers but vote for Republicans. The … Continue reading

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Links 12/30/18

Links for you. Science: Why You Should Definitely Get Your Kids A Flu Shot After Bloodbath, The National Zoo’s Naked Mole-Rats Finally Choose Their Queen Numerous Great Barrier Reef coral species are found living in the deep ocean Most Diverse … Continue reading

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CPI, The Cost Of A Banana, And The Minimum Wage

For some reason last week, there were a number of pieces about opposition to minimum wage increases, partly due to the data that shows in Seattle, despite predictions of economic collapse, lower end jobs are have picked up along with … Continue reading

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Links 12/29/18

Links for you. Science: District streams suffer from urban pollution and construction, report finds Ten simple rules for documenting scientific software ‘Reasonable doubt’ on climate change is killing the planet Your gout, your fault? An Influential Think Tank Suggested That … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist links: Trump, The Stereotypical President We’re Going To Forget. Sigh. Christmas Trains A Year Of Ersatz Signing Statements: January Through April A Year Of Ersatz Signing Statements: May Through August A Year Of Ersatz Signing … Continue reading

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Links 12/28/18

Links for you. Science: Saturn’s rings are halfway to their death Widespread, occasional use of antibiotics in U.S. linked with resistance (paper here) N.I.H. to Scrutinize Private Donations to Scientific Research Projects Meet some of our oddest, oldest fishes — … Continue reading

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