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Links 12/10/18

Links for you. Science: Insect Populations Are Declining Around the World. How Worried Should We Be? Ants in Florida Collect the Skulls of Other Ants to Decorate Their Nests (of course they’re from Florida…) China halts genome editing research that … Continue reading

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Yellow Vests, Gas Taxes, And Getting Serious About Global Warming

Last week, I noted that, despite the rhetoric we hear from some quarters, we are not serious about combating global warming. Why? Because, even in cities where there is a shortage of multi-unit housing accessible by mass transit–the most energy … Continue reading

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Links 12/9/18

Links for you. Science: Tipping Points, For-Profit Scientific Publishing, and Closed Science Incredible Photos of the Hermit Crabs Who Live In Trash Measles outbreak raging in Europe could be brought to U.S., doctors warn Let’s say we can force the … Continue reading

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The Rent Is Too Damn High

Or, if you prefer, affordable housing is now an upper-middle class problem. Not a gentry class problem, but definitely one for the upper-middle class. Consider the median D.C. household income–which is pretty good compared to many places!–of $77,686. Affordable housing, … Continue reading

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Links 12/8/18

Links for you. Science: Stop Letting Republicans Lie on TV About Climate Science Tear gas should never be used on children. Period. Breaking Down What Climate Change Will Do, Region by Region Part of the Answer to Climate Change May … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist links: They’ve Been Very Bad For A Long Time Biodiversity, Biomass, And Defaunation Swing Tunes And Saucy Sirens What If We Funded Science The Way We Funded The Pentagon? The Environment Deficit Moose Punish Companies … Continue reading

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Links 12/7/18

Links for you. Science: The weather of Washington’s future: Hellish heat and high water, says Trump administration climate report Editing Babies? We Need to Learn a Lot More First Amid uproar, Chinese scientist defends creating gene-edited babies A Honeybee With … Continue reading

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