Links 12/30/18

Links for you. Science:

Why You Should Definitely Get Your Kids A Flu Shot
After Bloodbath, The National Zoo’s Naked Mole-Rats Finally Choose Their Queen
Numerous Great Barrier Reef coral species are found living in the deep ocean
Most Diverse Butterfly Center in the U.S. to be Bulldozed for Trump’s Border Wall
‘The Worst I’ve Ever Seen It’: Lean Stone Crab Season Follows Red Tide in Florida


The police officer who arrested a president
Mass. releases its vision for beating the traffic
The New York Times Just Published an Unqualified Recommendation for an Insanely Anti-Semitic Book
Abolish ICE? That’s not enough: Border enforcement needs radical change
Democrats on Key Energy Subcommittees Have Financial Stakes in Oil and Gas Companies
“Men for Others, My Ass”: After Kavanaugh, Inside Georgetown Prep’s Culture of Omertà
‘Not the Kind of Moral Leadership We Need’: Critics Pounce After Schumer Refuses to Back Medicare for All
Janet Jackson’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction is years overdue. And now we all know why.
Three Cheers For New Jersey’s Appalling Gerrymandering Law
Homes That Look Like Big White Boxes Have Taken Over the Westside’s Landscape
Black troops were welcome in Britain, but Jim Crow wasn’t: the race riot of one night in June 1943
How a Nazi Sympathizer Helped Found One of Sweden’s Most Powerful Parties
The Pedestrian Strikes Back
Are We Really Spending One Fifth of the Budget on Farm Subsidies?
Does It Matter Where You Go to College?
The Unbearable Conventionality of Our Tech Betters
NC election fraud: Concerning number of absentee ballots not returned in Columbus Co. (late to this, but NC seems to have a systemic problem here)

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