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Toothpaste Company, Get Thee to a Mycologist

While I’m sure companies spend a lot of time devising (and divining) brand names, someone really screwed this Swiss toothpaste brand up: (from here) Candida. The mind boggles.

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Forsyth, Forlorn

Older Bostonians might be familiar with the Forsyth Dental Institute, formerly located on the Northeastern Campus. Decades ago, the Forsyth Institute provided dental care to over half a million disadvantaged Boston Children, and recently has renewed the program even as … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Medicaid Will Only Cover Front Teeth, Not Back Teeth

No, I swear I’m not making this up (boldface mine): Funding to restore partial dental coverage for Massachusetts’ 800,000 Medicaid recipients was among provisions included in the budget proposal lawmakers submitted to Governor Deval Patrick on Thursday. The new coverage … Continue reading

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A Question About Toothpaste

The only active ingredient is stannous flouride. So how are all of these toothpastes different?
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