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The ‘Newsweek-ifcation’ of Twitter

I have no idea what will become of Twitter or how I will be using it. Elongated Muskrat’s embrace of noxious conspiracism and bigotry* is making it harder for me to use it; on the other hand, that he is … Continue reading

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If You’re Going to Leave Twitter…

…you might as well do it by imitating Elongated Muskrat and getting suspended in the most hilarious way possible: And, of course, dril is prophetic:

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Elongated Muskrate Is Solving His Twitter Problems, Not Yours

While Amanda Mull’s article on why instant grocery delivery startups have problems isn’t about Twitter, she gets at something which I think is critical about why Musk bought Twitter–and why Jack Dorsey seems sanguine about that (boldface mine): Their biggest … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Twitterz

Now that E**n M**k has taken over: My HAWT TAEK on Twitter in the M*sk era is that, like many things, it will decline gradually, and then all at once. We should remember that the original purpose of Twitter was … Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t Twitter Do This All the Time?

Starting October 20, the Twitterz will be different for the duration of the election (boldface mine): The changes will temporarily alter the look and feel of Twitter. The company will essentially give users a timeout, for example, before they can … Continue reading

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Twitter Is Not a Platform, It Is a Publisher

Ditto Facebook and many other sites. With Twitter’s new policy of putting disclaimers on Donald Trump’s tweets, after he engaged in some vile scandalmongering, it’s now clear and undeniable that Twitter is a publisher, not a mere platform. They are … Continue reading

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Twitter’s Feed Algorithm Sucks

I recently did a side-by-side comparison of my Twitter timelines with the ‘latest’ setting (i.e., only people you follow plus promoted tweets) versus the ‘algorithm’ timeline (what Twitter thinks you’ll like plus people you follow and promoted tweets). Before I … Continue reading

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Twitter Isn’t Anything Like Meat Space: The Democratic Primary Twitter

Especially pseudo-woke Twitter. A couple weeks ago, I was on the Lush Left podcast, mostly proving that, as sucky as my blog is, I give even worse interviews…. Anyway, one thing we did discuss was how Twitter isn’t anything like … Continue reading

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The Feature Twitter Needs

Well, really what it needs is a less Nazis setting, but in lieu of that, here’s my suggestion. Often when some story is BREAKING, there is a huge bolus of retweets and quote tweets that takes over my timeline. I’m … Continue reading

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A Simple Plea For Twitter Etiquette

Or maybe it should be Twitter hygiene. I realize there’s a lot of frustration about current political events (which I share), but that’s led to one very annoying thing on Twitter: people re-tweeting every tweet of a ginormous threaded tweetstorm. … Continue reading

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