What the Blue Check Fiasco Tells Us about Elongated Muskrat’s Conspiracism

Arguably, the most important lesson regarding Elongated Muskrat’s forcing of blue checks onto high traffic Twitter accounts is to never pick a fight with dril. But it also tells us something about Muskrat’s redpilling and how so much of his Twitter policy is motivated by conspiracism.

Among the MAGA and MAGA-curious, it’s an article of belief that most ‘liberal’ blue check users who were verified under the old system paid secretly paid large bribes to Twitter employees to get their blue checks. Just as they can’t believe Trump lost to Biden (which is a self-evident proposition to normies), they can’t believe that their shitty Twitter feed might not be a priority for the old verification. That’s the first part of this–liberals and wokeists gamed the system.

The second part is a totemic belief in the Power of the Blue Check: the blue check is believed to boost tweets in the algorithm (in the before times–now it’s stated policy). Again, it can’t possibly be that people think their tweets are just crap; it must be a conspiracy.

It’s clear Muskrat, suffering from a difficult breakup, is deep in the conspiracy weeds–and there’s no one to pull him out. We shouldn’t have to worry about tabloid-fare garbage like this, but, in a society where wealth and power are so concentrated, the lunacy of a few individuals can have a huge effect.

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