Back Bay’s Solar Scooter

Observed on Commonwealth Ave., Back Bay, Boston:

Solar scooter

As best as I can tell, this thing has an engine (it’s not foot-powered), and it’s solar powered. If so, that means it doesn’t smell like a lawnmower (i.e., fumes) when it goes by. Wonder if it’s more quiet too…

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2 Responses to Back Bay’s Solar Scooter

  1. I’d be concerned that the glass on the solar panel would crack.

    But boy howdy, you could put an electric motor on a bicycle and put smaller solar panels on the back using a luggage rack, and probably “saddle bag” solar panels too.

  2. Tiercelet says:

    Electric motors tend to be extremely quiet (unless they’re misdesigned or in need of repair), so this might actually be a tolerable thing for someone to ride.

    I’m a little confused though as to why you’d put the solar panels where the person would stand. Isn’t that gonna decrease the effectiveness a tad?

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