When Big Data Goes Awry: The “Rape Sufferers” List

Somehow I don’t think this is what either the Big Data triumphalists or the techno-freedomites had in mind:


The list is defined as:

These rape sufferers are family members who have reported, or have been identified as individuals affected by specific illnesses, conditions or ailments relating to rape.

That’s right: someone took the time to identify rape victims and then turn that into a mailing list. Which they will sell to people. At $79 per 1,000 names.

There are more disgusting ways to make a living. Child porn comes to mind. But really, these internet guys know what’s best for the rest of the country.

Using Ghostery and a pseudonym, while not fool-proof, makes the bastards work for it at least.

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5 Responses to When Big Data Goes Awry: The “Rape Sufferers” List

  1. I use Ghostery, AdBlock Plus and HTTPS for everything. Oh, and Firefox as my browser, because it, unlike Chrome (and, I think, Safari), lets you turn off geolocation, which is something more and more commercial websites are trying to get you to do.

  2. Robert L Bell says:

    Indeed. I have been using a combination of Ghostery, Selft-Destructing Cookies, and The Onion Router; as you say, it forces the bad guys to work for it.

    That sad part is that wife and children gleefully donate their personal information by mocking everything I say about computer security, Dad being of course an idiot.

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