Links 2/5/16

Links for you. Science:

The Villain of CRISPR (a little too much, but it’s a point of view)
Doing a disservice to Future “Heroes of CRISPR”
10,000-Year-Old Massacre Does Not Bolster Claim That War Is Innate
The Water Next Time: Professor Who Helped Expose Crisis in Flint Says Public Science Is Broken (must-read)
When does peer review make no damn sense?


No Parking Here
Economic Growth Isn’t Everything
Paul Krugman, Bernie Sanders, and the Experts
Mayor Bowser Announces 12 Affordable Housing Projects Costing $82.2 Million (mind you, this is about 2 months of population growth…)
Baylor faces accusations of ignoring sex assault victims
Florida House advances sweeping ban on abortions
30 Years After Explosion, Challenger Engineer Still Blames Himself
A #BernieLady in a BroWorld
How Free Trade Killed the American Working Class
Former treasurer of Michigan: The Flint water crisis was ‘decades in the making’
Free Trade With China Wasn’t Such a Great Idea for the U.S.
The radical left has Bernie Sanders all wrong
Third Way Misleads Hard in a Weak Effort to Discredit Social Security Expansion (and which Democrat do you think Third Way is supporting?)
Ben Carson’s Campaign Is An ATM For His Advisors (STAB…STAB…STAB…)
Chamber of Commerce expects Clinton to support TPP as president

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