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It Is At This Moment One Needs To Remember Pelicans Are Predators

(from here)

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Lest You Forget That Birds Are Dinosaurs…

…this video will remind you (the action really starts at ~0:30).

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Striking A Pose

A kori bustard, Ardeotis kori, at the National Zoo, D.C.:

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A Public Health Question About the Bird Influenza Epidemic

You might not be aware of a massive bird flu epidemic ripping its way across the U.S.: Iowa, where one in every five eggs consumed in the country is laid, has been the hardest hit: More than 40 percent of … Continue reading

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Why Did the Ostrich Cross the Road?

I have no idea, but this video has been cracking me up to no end:

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“Take Me To Your Leader”

Reason #1,823,457 why science is awesome.

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Aggressive Cranes

Observed at the National Zoo, Washington, D.C.:

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