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‘Affordable’ Healthcare: Predictable and Predicted

A while ago, the Washington Post wrote about this Gallup healthcare-related polling result: While they chalked it up in part to partisanship, as Democrats reported they were more likely to report they couldn’t afford to pay for healthcare, the Washington … Continue reading

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Our Current Healthcare System Is a Bad Jobs Guarantee

One of the problems I have with Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg is that he uses Republican talking points to attack proposals that are popular, in general and with Democrats. Partying like it’s 1999 lost its appeal long ago. Case in … Continue reading

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Rep. Richard Neal Is Still Not Good

If you wondered why Democrats never moved with alacrity to get Trump’s tax returns, it’s largely due to the machinations of Democratic House Ways and Means committee chairman Richard Neal–and don’t think he got his position without the Democratic leadership’s … Continue reading

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PAYGO Is Killing Us

In the ongoing saga in the U.S. to try to limit drug prices, we come across this little vignette about how our obsession with good Congressional Budget Office scores is killing us (boldface mine): Perhaps the strangest odyssey about the … Continue reading

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Pharmacies Need to Be Part of Fighting Influenza

And right now, they aren’t (boldface mine): When adults want a flu shot, they have two choices: go to the doctor or go to a pharmacy. But in most states, laws prevent parents from just walking into a pharmacy and … Continue reading

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Some People See Things as They Are and Ask, “Why?” Others Dream of Things that Never Were, and Ask…

…do they violate PAYGO spending caps? The obsession with deficits by our radical centrist political press corps and by too much of the Democratic Party is going to get us all killed. Or at least very miserable (boldface mine): When … Continue reading

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Voters Don’t Always Think Linearly: The Coakley/Brown Edition

And, as always, people have to like this crap. I recently finished Ryan Grim’s We’ve Got People–which is excellent–and I came across this bad memory of Martha Coakley’s Massachusetts failed senate candidacy. To set the stage, after Massachusetts senator Ted … Continue reading

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