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Fighting When You Have Something To Lose

Earlier this week, Congress was out of session, meaning many of them went home to meet with the public. For Republicans, it typically didn’t go well: they caught a lot of flak over the possible (probable?) repeal of the ACA … Continue reading

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Affordable Healthcare For All Is Not Cold Fusion

Admittedly, Democrats are in the (suboptimal) position of defending the ACA, but if Republicans manage to kill it, that does present an opportunity to make something better, as there is no viable healthcare insurance option to the right of the … Continue reading

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Instead Of Negotiating Better Prices, Trump Will Throw Money At Drug Companies

Surprisingly, Il Trumpe, the master of the five-star sizzle on a one-star steak, lied about forcing drug companies to lower prices (boldface mine): A lot happened in the 2016 campaign, but one of the things Donald Trump did to win … Continue reading

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Unless You Want Healthcare Dystopia, You Can’t Move To The Right Of The ACA

While there’s a lot in this article I don’t agree with (left-ish healthcare systems work in many other advanced countries and have dramatically lower prices–it isn’t “a matter of secular faith”), the basic point about Obamacare is still important (boldface … Continue reading

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Obamacare Repeal: Follow The Money

The Republicans are going to have to look like they’ve repealed Obamacare (the ACA) to please their base–it’s too central an issue to the batshitloonitarianism guiding the mass communicable psychosis which is the Republican Party to do otherwise. But it’s … Continue reading

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Obamacare Never Really Dealt With The Problems Of Romneycare

Since there’s a reasonable chance Obamacare will be piled on the ash heap of discarded policy, it’s worth noting the good and the bad. It did two critical things. First, for people with pre-existing conditions, the ACA made it possible … Continue reading

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Part Of People Liking This Crap Is Making It Easy To Use

Or at least ‘un-difficult‘ (boldface mine): All more or less true, but all stepping around one major point: The ObamaCare exchanges are a tremendous pain in the neck. Next time Democrats get a bite at the policy apple, they would … Continue reading

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