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We Could Have Had Single Payer

Democratic senator Tom Harkin spills the beans (boldface mine): He wonders in hindsight whether the law was made overly complicated to satisfy the political concerns of a few Democratic centrists who have since left Congress. “We had the power to … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts About The Republican Deathcare Plan

I would write something more coherent, but I’m wondering how much my insurance will eventually increase because, despite being in overall good health, I once had kidney stones (pre-existing condition!). Anyway, if you want to read people bringing the heat, … Continue reading

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Going Soviet On Insulin (And Healthcare Insurers As Death Panels)

This is shameful (boldface mine): Fourth grader Gabriella Corley is trapped. She has type-1 diabetes and is allergic to the kind of insulin her insurer makes affordable — and her family can’t pay for the kind she needs every day … Continue reading

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Everything Is About The Budget Control Act

Or, Republicans are now getting screwed by the forced austerity they created. Every so often, I come across a piece arguing that Il Trumpe isn’t that different from Reagan. While I agree in many ways–is Betsy DeVos any more ridiculous … Continue reading

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Help Healthcare Executives

Commandante Atrios has a wonderful idea: Heh.

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Resisting Schadenfreude In A Time Of Trump–The Healthcare Edition

I realize that, as a matter of practical politics, haranguing those who voted for Trump while thinking he would help them isn’t a clever strategy. Likewise, there are too many people who didn’t vote for Trump, who will be screwed … Continue reading

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Now Would Be A Good Time For A Democratic Healthcare Plan Proposal

Preferably, one that’s Medicare for all. Shortly after the election, I argued that there’s no One True Thing That Will Defeat Trump™: …it’s worth remembering that over 64 million people voted for Clinton: surely there are enough people to decry … Continue reading

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