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Why We Need a Universal Healthcare System

As some asshole with a blog has mentioned many times, we need a universal healthcare system. Forget for a moment the discussion we had during the presidential primary season about exactly what that system would look like and WHO WILL … Continue reading

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If (or When) Healthcare Insurance Companies Go Bust

Dean Baker asks a good question in “What Do We Do When the Coronavirus Bankrupts the Health Insurance Industry?” (boldface mine): I suppose it’s not an absolute certainty, but with Donald Trump in charge of stopping the spread of the … Continue reading

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Score One for the Socialist

No, it’s not fundamentally reconfiguring the economy, but Virginia’s socialist in the House of Delegates, who both defeated a powerful Republican and won re-election, did a good thing recently (boldface mine): One of the biggest bills of the year is … Continue reading

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A Liberal Is a Conservative Who Has Been Sneezed on

For those who don’t get the reference (you whippersnappers with your avocado toast!), it refers to the old saw “a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.” Anyway, it appears some conservatives are loving themselves some ‘socialism‘ (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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There’s More to Healthcare than Bending Cost Curves Like Beckham

One of my concerns, among several, about the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S., as well as our ability to mitigate the damage from an outbreak, is our crappy healthcare system. There are too many assholes who view … Continue reading

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Buttigieg’s Centrist Healthcare Fantasy

It takes the worst parts of the ACA and…makes them worse. Many moons ago, some asshole with a blog told you that, based on the experience of Romneycare, the part that would be bad–because it was politically fraught because it … Continue reading

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The Fierce Urgency of Healthcare

Matthew Yglesias notes that Sanders, unlike Warren, is able to dodge the ‘how will you pay for it’ question regarding Medicare for All, but I don’t think Yglesias gets how Sanders do so. Yglesias (boldface mine): Sanders’ most obvious vulnerability … Continue reading

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