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The Problem With The ACA That Needs To Be Fixed

And I don’t think a market-based approach will do it. It’s certainly not getting the job done right now: As Dylan Scott notes (boldface mine): Just a decade ago, the average American with employer-sponsored coverage had a deductible of $303. … Continue reading

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How To Make Healthcare Savings Sound Scary

This week, the libertarian, Koch-funded Mercatus Institute attempted to shoot down Senator Sanders Medicare-For-All proposal by arguing it costs ELEVENTY GAJILLION TRILLION DOLLARS $32 trillion over ten years. Sounds scary! Of course, the headlines neglected something very important (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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Trumpcare: Yet One More Scam

So Il Trumpe et alia rolled out an ‘amazing’ healthcare proposal (remember when Il Trumpe claimed your healthcare was going to be amazing?). Does it provide subpar quality compared to other products? Yes! When it fails, will you have little … Continue reading

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Keeping It Simple: The Case For Universal Policies

In today’s episode, we have the attempt by Democratic-controlled states to fix the ACA (‘Obamacare’; boldface mine): Earnest blue state liberals who are trying hard to make the policy work are inadvertently shifting cost burdens to their poor citizens, while … Continue reading

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Some Early Thoughts On CAP’s Medicare Extra For All Healthcare Proposal

The liberal-ish think tank, Center for American Progress (CAP), released a healthcare proposal, Medicare Extra For All: this is essentially a public option (here’s a good take). It also does much more to directly regulate healthcare prices. Overall, it would … Continue reading

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Best Healthcare System In The World

Why should the practice of medicine inform medical care? (boldface mine): California’s insurance commissioner has launched an investigation into Aetna after learning a former medical director for the insurer admitted under oath he never looked at patients’ records when deciding … Continue reading

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No, This Is Not Good Health Insurance

One point I’ve been making on this shitty little blog since 2009 is Obamacare/Romneycare, while it does some good things for some people, still doesn’t get at the affordability problem. Between co-pays and deductibles, many people can’t afford the healthcare … Continue reading

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