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Everything Is About The Budget Control Act

Or, Republicans are now getting screwed by the forced austerity they created. Every so often, I come across a piece arguing that Il Trumpe isn’t that different from Reagan. While I agree in many ways–is Betsy DeVos any more ridiculous … Continue reading

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Help Healthcare Executives

Commandante Atrios has a wonderful idea: Heh.

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Resisting Schadenfreude In A Time Of Trump–The Healthcare Edition

I realize that, as a matter of practical politics, haranguing those who voted for Trump while thinking he would help them isn’t a clever strategy. Likewise, there are too many people who didn’t vote for Trump, who will be screwed … Continue reading

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Now Would Be A Good Time For A Democratic Healthcare Plan Proposal

Preferably, one that’s Medicare for all. Shortly after the election, I argued that there’s no One True Thing That Will Defeat Trump™: …it’s worth remembering that over 64 million people voted for Clinton: surely there are enough people to decry … Continue reading

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Fighting When You Have Something To Lose

Earlier this week, Congress was out of session, meaning many of them went home to meet with the public. For Republicans, it typically didn’t go well: they caught a lot of flak over the possible (probable?) repeal of the ACA … Continue reading

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Affordable Healthcare For All Is Not Cold Fusion

Admittedly, Democrats are in the (suboptimal) position of defending the ACA, but if Republicans manage to kill it, that does present an opportunity to make something better, as there is no viable healthcare insurance option to the right of the … Continue reading

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