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But How Will You Pay for It? The Missing the Point Edition

Ever since Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Warren released her healthcare financing plan which, in part, was an attempt to quell the persistent question of ‘how will you pay for it?’, there has been discussion on the left-ish end of Twitter … Continue reading

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Political Reporting Needs to Describe Their Experts Better: Healthcare Conflicts of Interest Edition

While it has been squashed by the release of presidential candidate Sen. Warren’s healthcare plan, there was a Politico story circulating about the problem healthcare poses to Warren’s campaign. If nothing else, that it became largely irrelevant a week later … Continue reading

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A Single Healthcare System Internalizes Costs that Corporations Would Like to Externalize

And that’s a good thing. This is a really good point I haven’t seen mentioned much in discussions of healthcare insurance funding (boldface mine): We need universal health care because we cannot sue enough companies to pay for all of … Continue reading

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‘Real’ Democrats Don’t Embrace Republican Talking Points: The Healthcare Edition

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted the following about ‘real’ Democrats (as in, Sanders supposedly isn’t one): If we look at policy among elected officials, Sen. Sanders is an independent, but you have to be staggeringly ignorant … Continue reading

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No One Could Have Predicted Closing a Needle Exchange Would Cause a Hepatitis C Outbreak

Actually, everyone would have predicted this (boldface mine): A new case of hepatitis C was reported nearly every eight hours in Kanawha County [West Virginia] last year. The number of men and women diagnosed in 2018 with the infectious disease … Continue reading

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Paying for Privatized Governance Is Still a Tax

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a significant non-troversy over presidential candidate Sen. Warren’s refusal to state if ‘middle class people would see a tax increase’ (the phrasing is often different, but the idiocy remains constant). Leaving … Continue reading

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Hospitals, Housing, and a Failure of Governance

It appears that hospitals are getting into the housing the homeless business (boldface mine): In the first half of this year alone, the hospital treated more than 100 long-term patients. All had a medical issue that led to their initial … Continue reading

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