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Healthcare Insurance Versus Actual Healthcare

One of the perpetually frustrating things about our healthcare debate is that it’s largely a healthcare insurance debate. There is little direct discussion of how various proposed systems would deliver actual healthcare. A good healthcare system, of course, would be … Continue reading

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Healthcare Is Still Too Damn Expensive

And what that means for wages. By way of Axios, we come across this figure: Axios summarizes (boldface mine): Employers consider a block of compensation for every employee. Health insurance, which is exempt from taxes, has eaten up a lot … Continue reading

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‘Losing’ Versus Replacing Your Insurance

One of the bad rhetorical moves by supporters of Medicare for All is refuting the notion of ‘losing your insurance.’ Here’s why (boldface mine): This strategy also underpins one popular political argument against Medicare for All and, often, in favor … Continue reading

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Tens of Millions of People ‘Can’t Keep Their Doctor’

While I think a couple of the Democratic candidates (Sanders, Warren, Harris–though she seems to walk back a lot of her positions) might have gone too far in saying that there will be no private insurance*, healthcare conservatives really are … Continue reading

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How Not to Convene a Healthcare Commission Panel: The Mayor Bowser Edition

This came across the transom: .@MayorBowser is appointing a new commission to debate how to transform health care in the city. Former CM David Catania is co-chair. He’s also a lobbyist for Sibley Hospital and Unity Health Care. Bowser says … Continue reading

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Privatization Is Theft

I occasionally snark about means-testing the public library: To use an absurd example, we could means test the public library, offer a series of different borrowing plans based on verified income and so on, or we could just… lend out … Continue reading

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Cruelty As Ideology: The Mo Brooks Edition

A while ago, I noted that cruelty is not just a character flaw, but an ideology. Like all ideologies, cruelty is a force which gives people meaning: …consider, instead, healthcare. A fair number of conservatives don’t have a problem with … Continue reading

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