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Our Authoritarian President Doesn’t Know How Our Health Insurance System Works

Il Trumpe (boldface mine): Speaking aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford, Trump extolled the virtues of the “wonderful, beautiful but very, very powerful” nuclear-powered warship — “We will win, win, win,” he said, “we will never lose” — but also … Continue reading

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Republicans Want You To Pay More State Taxes

That, or states will let people die. One thing to note about Medicaid is that it’s a very large part of state budgets. If the BRCA–the Senate replacement of the ACA (Obamacare)–were to pass, states will have to raise taxes … Continue reading

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Republican Healthcare Plans Will Impose A Cost Few Are Talking About

Digby, though, is on the case (boldface mine): Ever since the Reagan era, Republicans have tried to convert the Medicaid program into state block grants, which is really just another way to starve it. They do not believe that the … Continue reading

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Betsy McCaughey Engages In Classic Whattaboutism On Healthcare

So I came across this op-ed about Medicaid by Betsy McCaughey, a long-time foe of, well, any healthcare insurance improvements (and who also thinks we can combat the antibiotic resistance problem with hospital choice), and, surprisingly, it started off well … Continue reading

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Single-Payer And The New Democrat Tell

There are few advantages for a political party being in the minority, but one of them is the ability to make political statements through legislation–as your bills will never pass. Either the New Democrat-aligned Center for American Progress is too … Continue reading

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A Very Small Conservative Think Tank

Apparently, it’s small enough to fit in a P.O. box (boldface mine): Due to the [Republican healthcare] bill’s unpopularity and the opaque nature of the sausage-making process, media outlets have been starved for pundits willing to go in front of … Continue reading

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One Simple Number To Remember About Republicans And Healthcare

The number is ninety. Even if enough Republicans eventually join with Democrats to stop the Republican healthcare tax cuts for the wealthy plan, it still means that at least ninety percent of Republican senators want to needlessly kill thousands of … Continue reading

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