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Privatization Is Theft

I occasionally snark about means-testing the public library: To use an absurd example, we could means test the public library, offer a series of different borrowing plans based on verified income and so on, or we could just… lend out … Continue reading

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Cruelty As Ideology: The Mo Brooks Edition

A while ago, I noted that cruelty is not just a character flaw, but an ideology. Like all ideologies, cruelty is a force which gives people meaning: …consider, instead, healthcare. A fair number of conservatives don’t have a problem with … Continue reading

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“Keeping Your Insurance”

Last week, Paul Krugman argued that a Medicare for America system would have the political advantage of letting people keep their healthcare if they want to do so. Leaving aside the problem that the polls used to determine if people … Continue reading

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Clueless Democrats Are Going To Be A Real Problem, Even If Things Go Well in 2020

Let’s be uncharacteristically optimistic about Democratic chances in 2020 and assume they take back the Senate and the White House. Even then, the biggest obstacle to good policy is going to be Democrats with outdated ideas of what their voters … Continue reading

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Keeping Policy Simple–For Those Who Experience It

One of the frustrating things about many policy debates is that there is too much emphasis on the details in political discussions: When it comes to healthcare policy, people don’t care about the API, they care about the GUI. In … Continue reading

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The Corruption Of Medical Statistics

While the healthcare discussion makes it sound like we’re discussing actual healthcare, we’re really not. What we are discussing is healthcare insurance. And a bad reimbursement scheme, whether public or private, gives people lots of lucrative incentives, to goose the … Continue reading

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First, We Stop The Dying. Then, If Needed, We Worry About Inflation

With radical centrist Howard Schultz tossing his hat into the ring, as predicted, radical centrists are starting up with the ‘how are you going to pay for it?‘ crap. The snarky answer would be, “We’ll pay for it the same … Continue reading

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