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Obamacare Repeal: Follow The Money

The Republicans are going to have to look like they’ve repealed Obamacare (the ACA) to please their base–it’s too central an issue to the batshitloonitarianism guiding the mass communicable psychosis which is the Republican Party to do otherwise. But it’s … Continue reading

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Obamacare Never Really Dealt With The Problems Of Romneycare

Since there’s a reasonable chance Obamacare will be piled on the ash heap of discarded policy, it’s worth noting the good and the bad. It did two critical things. First, for people with pre-existing conditions, the ACA made it possible … Continue reading

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Part Of People Liking This Crap Is Making It Easy To Use

Or at least ‘un-difficult‘ (boldface mine): All more or less true, but all stepping around one major point: The ObamaCare exchanges are a tremendous pain in the neck. Next time Democrats get a bite at the policy apple, they would … Continue reading

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No One Could Have Predicted This Problem With The PPACA

Nope, nobody at all. Sarah Kliff, in “The Obamacare problem that Democrats don’t want to talk about“, writes (boldface mine): Bill Clinton made a very specific critique of Obamacare last week — one that most Democrats won’t. “The people that … Continue reading

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Insulin Prices In The U.S. Doubled From 2000-2009. But Not In The U.K.

Last week, I wrote about what insulin price gouging does to diabetics–who make up nearly ten percent of the U.S. population. In the U.K., insulin is much cheaper: U.S. prices are over five times as high as those in the … Continue reading

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If This Doesn’t Lead To Fair Drug Prices, Nothing Will

Pharma arrogance, thy name is insulin (boldface mine): Millions of diabetes patients around the United States are experiencing a health crisis due to massive increases in the price of insulin, which these patients need to live. They are being forced … Continue reading

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Revoke Mylan’s Corporate Charter

By now, you’ve probably heard about Mylan Laboratories’ massive price hikes in the EpiPen, which is used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions. You might have even heard how the EpiPen technology is entirely the result of federally funded research. Perhaps … Continue reading

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