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Monday Night Thoughts On Pragmatism

One surety of politics is that there will always be assholes. There were the hecklers at the Democratic Convention who fail to release that ninety percent of Sanders supporters intend to vote for Clinton (a pre-convention figure that was much … Continue reading

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It’s A Good Thing, Then, We Pay Infectious Disease Specialists So Much

Ha! We make the funny (boldface mine): Sjoding and colleagues sought to examine changes in the composition of patients admitted to the ICU by describing the demographic characteristics, diagnoses, and outcomes of patients admitted to critical care units in US … Continue reading

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How “Choice” Outsources Work To Customers: The Healthcare Edition

Amazing what happens when reporters–and Sarah Kliff is a good one–actually have to live the stories they cover: I write a lot about health care for my job here at Vox, and have spent the past seven years covering and … Continue reading

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Healthcare In An Era Of Few Savings

A few weeks ago, Atlantic writer Neal Gabler described how, like many Americans, he has virtually no savings. While he was pounced on (after all, he has a nice house in the Hamptons), that shouldn’t distract us from the larger … Continue reading

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Hospitals And Fixed Costs

One of my more widely read posts is one about the time I was charged $676 for a bag of saline when I went to the ER (even more astonishingly, the ciprofloxacin–which knocked down the infection–cost about $5). As I … Continue reading

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A Possible November Surprise For Democrats

This could be a problem (boldface mine): The last thing Democrats want to contend with just a week before the 2016 presidential election is an outcry over double-digit insurance hikes as millions of Americans begin signing up for Obamacare. But … Continue reading

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Magic Asterisks And Clinton’s Healthcare Plan

With all of the attention paid to Sanders’ single-payer healthcare plan proposal, the details of Clinton’s healthcare plan have gone unexamined (boldface mine): While policy analysts, news anchors, and columnists have been engaged in an intense debate over Bernie Sanders’s … Continue reading

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