Score One for the Socialist

No, it’s not fundamentally reconfiguring the economy, but Virginia’s socialist in the House of Delegates, who both defeated a powerful Republican and won re-election, did a good thing recently (boldface mine):

One of the biggest bills of the year is one nobody is talking about, Del. Mike Mullin, D-Newport News, wrote in a tweet on Friday — a hard cap on the price of insulin in Virginia.

Insurers are now limited to charging a maximum of $50 a month for the drug after Del. Lee Carter, D-Manassas, urged colleagues to accept a Senate amendment to his bill. The price is a little higher than his original cap of $30, but still the lowest ceiling for insulin in the country, he said on the House floor.

Insulin prices have tripled over the last decade as the drug’s four main manufacturers have raised the baseline cost. Virginia is the latest state to pass its own controls amid nationwide reports of patients dying after rationing the vital medication.

Like I said, it’s not Medicare for All, but no one else was willing to fight for this.

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