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Block Off All the Roads to Maryland. Do It Now

This will not help reduce traffic problems in D.C. (boldface mine): On Tuesday, the MVA announced that parallel parking is no longer part of the driver’s license test in Maryland. Officials said other parts of the test — the two-point … Continue reading

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So, John Oliver, About That MRAP in Keene, NH…

While we await prominent white leaders to disavow and apologize for the #pumpkinfest riot, it’s worth remembering that this is just one more instance of degenerate ‘suburban‘ culture. Meanwhile, a regular reader reminds us of John Oliver’s wondering why Keene, … Continue reading

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Road Work

Painting the finish line to the Boston Marathon (Boylston Street between Dartmouth and Exeter):

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One More Slip of the Security Rachet: The Boston Marathon Edition

One of Boston’s (many) saving graces is that it’s full of hard-headed stubborn people. While that might sound like damning with faint praise, in an era where our putative political leadership perpetually craps its pants, it’s refreshing to know that … Continue reading

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More Southern Governance Failure

Unlike a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta, at least North Carolina cancelled schools before the snow hit. But the entire state, in terms of traffic, is still a ginormous clusterfuck. Here’s what I don’t understand: Snow is paralyzing North … Continue reading

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Whitey Bulger Was More Of an Existential Threat Than Most Terrorists Are

Seriously. That’s not to say terrorists aren’t murdering bastards. But Judge Bruce Selya, Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeal for the First Circuit–which includes the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (God save it!)–began a recent opinion with the following … Continue reading

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Back Bay Is Overrun By Thin People Who Supposedly Run Very Fast But Walk Very Slowly

Boston is preparing for the Boston Marathon, and that means Back Bay looks like this: That’s Boylston Street which is completely closed off around the Public Library and Copley Square. Which means we get traffic like this: If you’re driving, … Continue reading

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