Links 12/4/11

Links for you. Science:

Yeti crab grows its own food
New Flu Strain Makes Health Experts Nervous: Is a new strain of H3N2 swine flu a danger to public health or just to the reputations of public health experts?
Anolis Warfare – Pictures of an Epic Battle in Guadeloupe
Look at This Giant Bug!


Ode to joylessness (must-read)
Police Officers Find That Dissent on Drug Laws May Come With a Price
Yasha Levine Released From Jail, Exposes LAPD’s Appalling Treatment of Detained Occupy LA Protesters…
How Finland became an education leader: Harvard professor Tony Wagner explains how the nation achieved extraordinary successes by deemphasizing testing
Why falling unemployment may not be making voters happy
US cable providers eye ‘usage-based’ billing (important point about how bad US cable service is)
Racial bias cost Barack Obama as many as 5 percentage points in 2008
A 250 lb. Great Dane
Suskind’s Confidence Men Raises Questions About Obama’s Credibility
GMAC Mugs Massachusetts for Insisting on the Rule of Law, Suspends Mortgage Lending in the State
Bobby Valentine’s Last Stint as Manager
Hard Times at Occupy Boston (some people are having to relearn the hard way that just because someone is hard up doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a good person; some–note some–of the unlovely poor are truly unlovely, as are some of the rich)
Upheaval at the New York Public Library (tangentially related factoid: the Boston Public Library has more volumes than the NY Public Library).

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