Links 6/26/12

Links fahr ya. Science:

Ancient Ireland: An Early Medieval Site
Why you need to stop stomping on cockroaches (though there are only a handful of human-associated roaches)
Sea Level Rise Accelerating in U.S. Atlantic Coast
Rising seas mean shrinking South Florida future, experts say
Can Anyone Imagine Our Eastern Forests Without Dogwood Trees?


A Job to Kill For? Unemployed Spurn Detroit Veteran Hiring Fair
The Real Threat to the Humanities
The argument for taking on student debt: High school graduates are screwed
Adam Davidson Strikes Again, Tells Us to Ignore Downer Data and Trust the Confidence Fairy
Jesus Jihad: Could There Be a Christian Bin Laden?
I Could Have Been a Suicide Bomber
Election Politics and the Trillion Dollar Coin
A hard lesson: change can come too fast. Hired as a savior, the young, new principal upended everything at English High but this: the pattern of failure (I wonder why it went from a magnet school in the 1980s to a troubled school today. Not mentioned in the article)
VARIOUS FORMS OF LITHIC DISGUISE (there is a Bond movie plot in here somewhere)
Clarifying Debate (several years old, but this is why Democrats won’t man the ramparts on this; it’s hard to defend incremental mediocrity with passion)
Revisiting the Tinkerbell strategy
Where federal taxes are raised and spent
America’s Fiscal Union in Action
The Problems with Forecasting and How to Get Better at It

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