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Republican Ex-Congressman Dick Armey Supports Medicare-for-All

Republican Dick Armey supports an option to enroll in Medicare. Which isn’t socialism. Or something.
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“When Does the Greed Stop?”, We Ask the Other Side

So roared the lion in the Senate jungle.
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Sunday Links

More stuff I never get to blogging about. Maybe you will!
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Sunday Sermon: “We Are Either a Nation or We Are a Subsidiary”

“The Democratic Party continues to be at war with itself, trying to toe the line between being bought and remaining in power>”
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What National Romney/Obamacare Will Mean

Middle class families with thousands of dollars of expenses will end up paying more.
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Quote of the Day: Michael Seitzman-“My Dog Just Watered Your Tree of Liberty”

Michael Seitzman sums up the Mad Biologist’s philosophy of dealing with creationists, denialists, and other sundry morons.
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ZOMG! TEH KIDZ DON’T KNOW SCIENTISMZ!: Actually, Four States Do Better Than All of Europe and Compare Well to Asia

What we can learn from looking at U.S. states, and what we need to do to improve science education: it’s the child welfare, stupid.
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