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Links 11/30/12

Links for you. Science: Asperger’s un-diagnosed (must-read) Impact of sequestration on Alabama Good to Know: Where Intestinal Gas Comes From Starving to be Social: The Odd Life of Dictyostelium Slime Molds TriHealth fires 150 employees for not getting flu shots … Continue reading

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Lost Items That I Do Not Understand

Observed on Commonwealth Mall: I understand losing one glove. I understand losing a pair. But how does one lose one glove from three different pairs? Never a dull moment.

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For Every Jindal, Thankfully, There’s a Strama

While Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is unrelenting in his efforts to devalue my undergraduate degree, fortunately, another fellow alum, Democratic Texas state Representative Mark Strama is doing us proud regarding education (boldface mine): Strama was surprised to learn that Texas … Continue reading

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Links 11/29/12

Links for you. Science: Clarity and simplicity in science! How to Never Have Your Period Again Cheeky monkeys hitch a ride on giant rodent Ectoparasitic mites on ants ‘Bigfoot’ DNA Sequenced In Upcoming Genetics Study (this is crazy) Other: The … Continue reading

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So How Big Is the Tree?

Observed in the Prudential Center, Boston:

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Krugman Corrects a Category Error: The Democrats Are the Center-Right Party

Recently, I argued that Nicholas Kristof was incorrect, in that there is a sane center-right party, and it is called the Democratic Party. Apparently, I’m not the only one. The Krugman (boldface mine): First, on economic issues the modern Democratic … Continue reading

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Links 11/28/12

Links for you. Science: Neuroscience: Under Attack Why is Darwin’s theory so controversial? Call me a commie, I dare you Experiments That Keep Going And Going And Going Is Wheat a “Perfect Chronic Poison?” (no. More garbage science. WHHEEEE!!!!) Computer … Continue reading

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Tough Day at the Office?

Observed on the Green Line: That was a heavy stroller by the way…

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Class, Privilege, and Healthcare

James Fallows receives an email from a reader who happened to cater both Obama and Romney campaign events in Massachusetts this year (boldface mine): The elite on both sides should talk to people who are completely outside their income brackets. … Continue reading

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Links 11/27/12

Links for you. Science: Why worry about the maturing of a science ? Sifting the Evidence: or how the blog got its name. Wildlife officials see free-ranging pigs as threat What an academic article of the future should look like … Continue reading

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