Links 11/29/12

Links for you. Science:

Clarity and simplicity in science!
How to Never Have Your Period Again
Cheeky monkeys hitch a ride on giant rodent
Ectoparasitic mites on ants
‘Bigfoot’ DNA Sequenced In Upcoming Genetics Study (this is crazy)


The Secrets to Charter School Success in Newark: Comments on the NJ CREDO Report (don’t have time to blog about this, but excellent)
What It Was Like To Be A Woman At Goldman Sachs In The 1990s
Single Mothers Now Off the Hook for 70s Crime Wave (keep this in mind the next time conservatives come up with an explanation for some social phenomenon)
Single Moms Can’t Be Scapegoated for the Murder Rate Anymore
Colonial-era Jewish cemetery in Curacao fades from sun, salt and perhaps refinery smoke
Conceptual space colony art from the 1970s: Kinda want to live there. (maybe it was the drugs, but we used to dream bigger and better)
Sandra Fluke Is The Rosa Parks Of Vaginas
True Stories of the Right Wing Truth (while Bartlett’s honesty is refreshing, there were some jarring parts)
Some Thoughts On Who’s Watching Us (the real issue is that these aren’t used to stop dangerous traffic violations, but to raise revenues without having to enact a commuter tax)
Default to Kindness
The Top Comment du Jour from the NYTimes article on killing the social insurance policies
Welcome to the Future of Your Health Insurance. It Sucks.
Anger as Hungary far-right leader demands lists of Jews (this is all the more disturbing since Hungary has historically been tolerant towards Jews)
Best ever Christmas light display
Tone deaf

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2 Responses to Links 11/29/12

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    “‘Bigfoot’ DNA Sequenced In Upcoming Genetics Study”

    Getting ANY information on this one was a tough row to hoe. Dr. Melba Ketchum has a doctorate in veterinary science, and is the only staff member listed for the firm DNA Diagnostics of Timpson, Texas.

    An incidental discovery turned up Dr. Ketchum’s role as an ‘agent’ of the corporation Biogen Diagnostics, Inc., also located in the town of Timpson. Despite having a population of only 1,155 souls, Timpson would appear to be an East Texas hotbed of cutting edge biology and genetics.

    This story supposedly broke prematurely when a Russian researcher got tired of the delays in publishing the 50-page study, and went public. Hence the rushed press release by Dr. Ketchum.

    It would probably be a mistake to hold your breath while waiting for the Final Results, for DNA Diagnostics has a pretty fair number of complaints against it regarding delivery issues with customers. The Better Business Bureau gives the firm an “F” rating, and most likely stick-in-the-mud mainstream scientists will eventually do the same.

  2. Zachary Smith says:

    “Some Thoughts On Who’s Watching Us”

    I didn’t notice at first the author of this one was Charles P. Pierce. But when I did, I gave it a closer look, and found that the evildoers who are trying to steal our freedoms are pretty much undefined. Nary a mention of one of the worst offenders, a fellow whose initials are BHO.

    Actually, the situation is lots worse than the O-Bot Pierce lets on.

    And my link is focused on a specific industry. Most everything you say or do will soon be available to nosy people.

    “Conceptual space colony art from the 1970s: Kinda want to live there.”

    Not me! I wouldn’t want to visit such a place! It’s true artists had big ideas way back when, but those thoughts were unrealistic. IMO Toroidal Colonies and the like would be darned expensive to build. Perhaps not impossible, for undoubtedly some sort of assembly line construction like what built the Crystal Palace would get invented. Every single construction joint would have to be perfect, and continue in that condition. Solar radiation and cosmic rays would be impossible to avoid. Other biological issues would be the low gravity. Then there would be the problem with the fools. The suicidal types. And or course the terrorists. The energy involved in space debris – natural and otherwise – is difficult to comprehend. A freaking little cotton ball moving at cometary velocities has the energy of heavy bullets.

    Again an opinion, but if we move off the earth, the only suitable places at present are the moon and Mars. I figure Mars is going to get the nod.

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