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Poor Mitt: He Sacrifices Gay Children…

and conservatives still don’t like him.
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I Don’t Deserve This Government, but…

the morons at Bucky’s Family Restaurant do.
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And Republicans Wonder Why They Don’t Fare Well Among Women

Conservative blogger Ben Domenech demonstrates why in an imaginary speech for Fred Thompson’s withdrawal announcement.
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Edwards Is Out

I guess I won’t be voting for him on Tuesday.
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Not Everyone Is Losing Out in the Housing Market

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is doing just fine.
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Superdelegates Are Stupid and Aravosis Can’t Do Arithmetic

The twenty percent of unelected Democratic convention delegates known as superdelegates is an undemocratic idea.
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The Bizarre Frontiers of Racism: ‘Canadian’ as a Slur of African-American

Because why offend one group of people, when you can offend two at the same time?
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What the NY Times Presidential Endorsements Say About the Traditional Media

If you’re like most sentient humans, you don’t care whom the NY Times editorial board decided to endorse for president. But the ‘logic’ behind the endorsement of Clinton is revealing. The Mandarin Class still doesn’t get it.
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A Federal Agency More Stupid Than the Office of Human Research Protections

Say hello to the Office on National Drug Control Policy and to faith-based drug overdose prevention.
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‘Hopeful Monsters’: Nothing in Evolution Makes Sense Except in the Light of E. coli (and Shigella)

Bacterial evolution muddies up the water.
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