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Links 10/6/17

Links for you. Science: After Irma, Pummeled Everglades Shows Signs of Resilience Blue-Eyed Humans May All Descend from a Single, Common Ancestor We hail individual geniuses, but success in science comes through collaboration The Wrong Pill Can Play With Your … Continue reading

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Links 9/22/17

Links for you. Science: Every childhood vaccine may go into a single jab Scientists discover an underwater city full of gloomy octopuses In Irma’s wake, millions of gallons of sewage and wastewater are bubbling up across Florida Importance of Personal … Continue reading

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Links 9/21/17

Links for you. Science: xenoGI: reconstructing the history of genomic island insertions in clades of closely related bacteria Rifampin/Penicillin-Resistant Strain of RB51 Brucella Contracted from Consumption of Raw Milk (don’t do this) Who Is Behind FDA-Weakening Bill Based on False … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be A Democrat?

For several reasons, there has been a lot of talk about Sanders (and some of his supporters) not being a Democrat, as if that’s a problem (though I suspect that if he were to change his party registration, some would … Continue reading

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Links 9/12/17

Links for you. Science: A Few Bad Scientists Are Threatening to Topple Taxonomy First Female Viking Warrior Proved Through DNA I didn’t get the flu shot. Does that make me an anti-vaxxer? The mysterious Voynich manuscript has finally been decoded … Continue reading

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Links 9/9/17

Links for you. Science: Most Ph.D.s aren’t professors Raw milk and cheese cause 840 times more illnesses than pasteurized products (surprising zero microbiologists) The Secret Ingredient That Stops Honeybees From Becoming Queens Why Women Programmers Were the Foundation of the … Continue reading

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Links 9/5/17

Links for you. Science: Shame! Another front in the libertarian war on the FDA: Rational Vaccines’ unethical offshore herpes vaccine clinical trial What can we say about the role of climate change in the unprecedented disaster that is unfolding in … Continue reading

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