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Links 7/29/16

Links for you. Science: First mammal shown to have gone extinct as a direct result of climate change Colombia declares its Zika epidemic over A Dam Pushes A Great American Fish Toward Extinction How Women Are Harassed Out of Science … Continue reading

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Just When I Thought The Republican Platform Was Boring

Some previous Republican Party platforms have been pretty nutty, but 2016’s, while containing the same warmed-over failed policies and slogans, is pretty dull (pdf). Fortunately, this section, “Protection Against an Electromagnetic Pulse”, brings the crazy: A single nuclear weapon detonated … Continue reading

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Unionized Teachers Are Better Teachers

The author of this paper (pdf) observes (boldface mine): By demanding higher salaries for teachers, unions give school districts a strong incentive to dismiss ineffective teachers before they get tenure. Highly unionized districts dismiss more bad teachers because it costs … Continue reading

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Links 7/16/16

Links for you. Science: FDA advances Precision Medicine Initiative by issuing draft guidances on next generation sequencing-based tests Ancient rock art’s colours come from microbes Zika raises profile of more common birth-defect virus: Cytomegalovirus is a much greater global problem … Continue reading

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Clueless Congressional Democrats

Admittedly, that’s a ‘dog bites man’ headline, but this juxtaposition is pretty amazing, even by the witless standards of your typical Democratic political operative (boldface mine): Politico reports that Bernie Sanders was booed by House Democrats in a private meeting … Continue reading

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GOP Gov. Chris Christie Is Still An Asshole

Just in case you were wondering. And there is no better place to examine the real Republican id than at the state and local levels, aka the meth labs of democracy. You see, the new civil rights issue of our … Continue reading

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This Is How You Buy Sanders’ And His Supporters

Bernie lays it out (boldface mine): I think the issues of contention will be the understanding that Secretary Clinton has been wrong in supporting virtually every single one of these trade policies. I think what this campaign has shown is … Continue reading

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