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Links 7/19/19

Links for you. Science: D.C. Averages A Week Of 100-Degree Days. Climate Change Could Make That Two Months. D.C. Urges Parents To Get Their Kids Vaccinated Against Measles Cats are like tiny, judgmental camels An extraordinary Twitter Exchange with Richard … Continue reading

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Links 7/4/19

Happy Fourth of July! Let’s celebrate the decline of the Republic with some links. Science: Monarch Butterflies Reared in Captivity Lack a Crucial Ability NASA Reopens Apollo Mission Control Room That Once Landed Men on Moon The Pentagon’s Outsized Part … Continue reading

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SFO Has a Museum…

…and it’s pretty fun. Enjoy: MOAR!

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Fox News Is a Gateway Drug to Fascism

Last week, Gwen Snyder posted an excellent thread on the Twitter machine detailing a reasonably moderate guy into white supremacy–as the kids used to say, read the whole thing. Ed at Gin and Tacos provides the best synopsis I’ve read … Continue reading

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Professional Democrats Like Being in the Majority. They Don’t Like Using It.

While Paul Waldman is writing about protecting legal and safe abortion, his comment generalizes to so many issues (boldface mine): In response to the new wave of shocking state laws passed by Republicans to strangle abortion rights, Sen. Elizabeth Warren … Continue reading

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Links 5/1/19

Links for you. Science: Integration of genomic and clinical data augments surveillance of healthcare-acquired infections Part of Generation X? You might need an MMR booster shot Janelle Monae as nudibranchs, a thread ‘They have to get the shots’: Trump, once … Continue reading

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Links 4/27/19

Links for you. Science: The Antibiotics Business Is Broken—But There’s a Fix JAMA discourages pre-print deposition Ocean uproar: saving marine life from a barrage of noise An Archaeology Meeting Finds Itself in the Middle of #MeTooSTEM Mexican ecologists push to … Continue reading

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