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Anti-Abortionism: One Part Fanaticism, One Part Cynicism

And let’s take a look at the cynical part. Jen Gunter describes the reality of ‘life of the mother’ anti-abortion legislation (boldface mine): I was asked to perform an abortion for a very sick pregnant woman in her first trimester. … Continue reading

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Georgia’s Anti-Abortion Law Is a Democratic Party Failure

Before you blow a gasket, yes, Republicans and conservatives are the ones who pushed for it. But the recent spate of anti-legal and safe abortion legislation in the U.S. must be perceived as a complete, comprehensive, and long-term failure of … Continue reading

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Why Does Senator Susan Collins Hate Free Speech?

Well, at least the Roberts’ Court definition of free speech, which is to say campaign donations. Republican Senator Susan Collins isn’t happy with the online pledge effort that has raised over $1 million and would be donated to a Democratic … Continue reading

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The Politics Of Abortion In The Mainland Colony

There’s a very good Washingtonian article about what will happen to women’s medical care if Roe v. Wade is repealed–definitely worth the read. But it also describes what happens to public policy when you’re governed under the ethos of extreme … Continue reading

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Our Future Could Look Like El Salvador

And no, I’m not talking about MS-13 (BOOGA! BOOGA!). I’m talking about abortion (boldface mine): It’s not hard to see what a pro-life world looks like. It looks like a world with a lot of dead women in it. El … Continue reading

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This Is Not Normal: The HHS Edition

Are we still saying that anymore? Anyway, this happened at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the parent organization of NIH and CDC, among others (boldface mine): Teresa Manning, the controversial official in charge of the Title X … Continue reading

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The DCCC’s Corrupt Waffling On Abortion: You Can Do Something

Last week, more Democrats got to experience first hand the routine betrayal that the liberal-left has experienced for decades. In this case, the corruption by the want for power led to backing off women’s rights–and this comes from the Democratic … Continue reading

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