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The Waffling On Abortion Isn’t Sanders, It’s Coming From The Democratic Party

And that’s troubling to say the least. Put another way, what is good for the gander is also apparently good for the goose (boldface mine): Top Democratic leaders said Sunday that their party welcomes people who are pro-life, despite the … Continue reading

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Congressional Republicans Attempt To Limit Access To Abortion In The Mainland Colony

Because, after exposing thousands of D.C. residents to AIDS by opposing needle exchange, why stop there? (boldface mine) When the House of Representatives drafts its annual Financial Services Bill, it’s become a not-so-beloved tradition to include measures that limit the … Continue reading

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Zika Is The New Rubella

Since the Zika outbreaks first began, I’ve argued that Zika virus will change attitudes towards abortion just as rubella (the ‘R’ in the MMR vaccine) did. Here’s some recent polling data (boldface mine): Americans’ strong aversion to late-term abortions drops … Continue reading

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Republicans Are Making No Sense About Zika

Before I get to the politics part, my take on Zika, which I’ve stated from when this first became a global concern, is that an outbreak is largely a political and social concern. In terms of loss of life (i.e., … Continue reading

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If We Outlaw Abortion, Then Outlaws Will Come To D.C. To Have Abortions

Not exactly your usual way to boost the tourist industry (boldface mine): Even though D.C. has bucked the national trend of tightening restrictions on abortion access, she sees the impact of the legislation in her offices. “We saw an increase … Continue reading

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This Seems Socially Disruptive

The U.N. made a statement (boldface mine): The United Nations on Friday urged countries hit by the dangerous Zika virus to let women have access to contraception and abortion… “How can they ask these women not to become pregnant, but … Continue reading

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When Infectious Disease Has Social Consequences

I might have metioned once or twice that the Zika virus could have similar effects on attitudes towards abortion that rubella did. From Brazil (boldface mine): But now some activists here are drawing comparisons between the Zika epidemic and the … Continue reading

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